Sony LCD TV picture using a digital box is "crap"

1 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
I brought a Sony 22in TV LCD DVD combi, and the picture is crap, I seem to have to use one of those unsightly set top digital boxes, even though the TV has a built in Digital tunner. Fat lot of good thats turned out to be.
The signal is coming from a dish on the roof, A old tube telly is giving of a much better picture, what a waste of bloody money that was.
Please someone tell me Im doing something wrong, so I can get a much better picture.
By the way the picture is great watching a dvd.
I have a scart going from the digital box to the TV
I have just looked at the Box and its a grundig freesat receiver, hope this helps
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Check that you have the Freeview box set to RGB output. Also, if there is a lower setting for sharpness and contrast on the box then use them.

Next, have a look at the TV settings. Reduce the sharpness and turn off any picture/contrast/dynamic enhancing features. Try that and see how you get on :D
Also make sure the scart cable is a fully wired one not a composite video and audio one.

Also check the TVs manual, one some TVs only one of the scart sockets supports RGB.
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Yes Chris the digy box is set to RGB, The scart is one of those bog standard ones.
The TV only has one scart socket
A standard SCART cable should be fine as long as it has all the pins wired.

When you change the Freeview box setting between PAL and RGB you should notice a change on the TV. If your TV is one of those that tells you what is connected then the onscreen display should change. e.g. Mine goes from "CVBS" for PAL to "RGB". You should also see better edge separation between strong colours - particularly if you put on the Freeview EPG.

If you don't see these changes then check your TV set-up menus. Some telly's need to be set to receive RGB.
Thanks Chris, someone told me I have a cheap and nasty freesat box, and thats the problem, dont know what you think about this.
Could be. I have a £16 Bush. It's awful on PAL (cvbs) but OK on RGB.

Freeview isn't great, but if you have a decent aerial signal and turn off most of the picture processing rubbish in the average flat screen TV then it's tolerable.

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