Splitting Virgin Media HDMI output

25 Jul 2012
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United Kingdom
I have two tv's connected to my virgin media (scientific Atlanta) box, one via the HDMI output and the other via the scart output and an RF modulator to a cabled point in another room.The TV via the scart output although the picture is crystal clear sadly does not allow the virgin channel listing or menus to be viewed. I am therefore thinking of splitting the HDMI output via an electronic splitter module and wondered if this would allow the menu to be seen on my other tv?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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When the menus and channel list are up on the main screen, do they appear on the second screen? Seems odd they do not appear on the Scart and HDMI. Are you sure the menus are not visible simply because they can only be activated via the front IR reciever on the cable box?

If the menus truly are only on the HDMI, the HDMI splitters are readily available, as are HDMI baluns for Cat5e, Cat5e being far easier to install than an HDMI cable with a plug moulded on the end.
Hi thanks for the fast response, to answer sadly the menus when viewed on the HDmI connected TV do not appear on the second tv which is scart connected. I did read somewhere that this is normal when using the scart output if the HDMI is also connected. I haven't tried disconnecting the HDMI connected set to prove this which however wouldn't solve my dilemma of viewing the menus on another TV. I've just bought a RF modulator for £20 to view a picture on the second TV via the scart output so don't want to spend another £50 on a HDMI amp/splitter if the menus still can't be seen. I have a low loss satellite cable already installed and plastered in the wall to a second TV so I sadly can't go down the CAT 5/E route with HDMI connectors, I'm hoping to split the HDMI at the virgin box via a splitter/amp then convert to standard F Plug / coax and use the existing pre installed cable to the second TV if this is a feasible option.

We had Virgin Media fitted too but have a samsung box. You used to be able to watch the TV via RF & Scart but since the HD boxes have been introduced you can only watch one source so it encourages customers to have more boxes installed at extra cost - which is a pain.
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An HDMi splitter splits whatever signal is coming out of the HDMI socket. The Virgin box can't tell that it's there and won't, therefore, alter the signal output to remove menus.

However, there are good splitters and bad splitters so be careful what you buy. At the very least, buy a powered splitter. I've had good reports of the VS184 HDMI splitter made by "Aten".

However, you still then have to get the signal to the other TV and I would recommend installing CAT cable.
the menus when viewed on the HDmI connected TV do not appear on the second tv which is scart connected. I did read somewhere that this is normal when using the scart output if the HDMI is also connected.

This is normal - having the V+ set to HDMI out turns off the menus on the scart - the scart is only active to allow backup to a VCR/DVD recorder. You could get them back on by going to the setup menu (I think its home, 7, then 4 off the top off my head) and changing from HDMI to scart but then you wouldn't get HD on the HDMI port.

Best solution is a powered splitter on the HDMI as said above, but do you only have coax to the other TV? If so there are HDMI to RF convertors around but your looking at daft money, your better to use that money to run HDMI and CAT5e to the second telly and use the powered splitter or get a second box installed by VM.

Many thanks for the replies chaps, greatly appreciated. Sadly I only have low loss sat cable between the virgin media box and the second TV in the other room which has been installed in plastered stud-work so cat5e wiring is not an option. Most annoying as I have a box of cat 5e in the garage and i was going to install a data point adjacent the tv, but the sat cable is now in situ so I will need to covert a split HDMI signal to RF. just need to find a HDMI to RF converter ?

If you can afford an HDMI through coaxial converter system, you can certainly afford to employ an expert who can install CAT5 cable and make good.

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