Stanley twin 80k tripping RCD

24 Jul 2022
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United Kingdom
I am having a problem with my stanley 80k twin burner tripping RCD at the consumer unit.
The tripping only occurs when the heating and cooker burners are running and the oven temp is set at 180 degrees or over, if the oven temp is set to anything under 180 degrees with both burners running, no problems.
Provided the heating burner is off the oven burner can be set to maximum with no problems.
I have replaced the oven thermostat which made no difference.
Any advice/ thoughts would be much appreciated.
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I would start with the control board under the front cover at floor level...there is a thermostat on that
Hi, Its fitted with two ecoflam oil burners which were both replaced in 2019.
Since the problem started I have replaced the oven stat and swopped out both the controllers from the bottom at floor level (Siemens LOA24171B2EM)
There are two "well stats" with reset buttons fitted to the left hand side of the controllers, I think these are for overheating protection but not sure!!
Could one of these possibly be causing the problem?
Don't know if its relevant but the problem seemed to start following a prolonged power cut when we had to run it off a generator for 24 hours.
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Something is getting hot and shorting / tripping, and as the oven works when the heating is off there does not seem to be a problem with the oven without testing any of the components ( the board transformer would be my first place with a meter - they can get fried on a genny) and without seeing your board with all the well it could be this out the way I am working blind...I would look at the heating over limit thermostat as it is the most logical choice.
Ex Stanley agent here (before the Aga/Rayburn buy out)
I would agree limit stat first thing to check but you need a multimeter and be competent to use it.
Thanks, I changed both the control boards when the problem started which made no difference. I will try changing the heating over limit stat as I have a spare one which I can swap over.
PS: I have had an electrician checking over the wiring to the cooker and also tested the RCD which is all ok. unfortunately the day he was here the RCD did not trip when the burners were on. It is usually after at least an hour running that the fault shows up and as he had another appointment could not wait till it finally tripped.
Sorry I re read my post, I did not mean just swap out the limit thermostat I meant check it with a meter, unless you defo have a known good. The next item I would check is the solenoid on the heating side, again an item that does not like generator feeds. All coils can be over excited when the current pluses, its the equivalent of two waves meeting at a sea wall one on the way in and the reflected one on the way out, result spray all over the place or in this case overheating of the coil wire, which then starts to breakdown underload and hey go the lights.

I know its a fag when the power goes off on a cold night but adding load incrementally to a stable generator is really a good idea, lights first, any flickering wait till its stable and when disconnecting the flick the breakers in highest to lightest load when shutting the genny down slowly helps. It has always amazed me how big a generator needs to be in a domestic setting, all that inrush load, people trying to run a house on 2.2kw.

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