Stanley Twin serie 80K Oil - extremly heavy on oil

26 Jan 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi, welcome everybody as I`m new here.
I`m looking for any kind of advise with my problem.
1. I have fitted at rented house Stanley Twin serie 80K oil burner.
2. When outside average temperature is about 10 day/ 5 nigh burner is taking ~20L of oil a day at 5h per day setup - 6-8 morning 1-2PM and 8-10 night.
3. Oil leak is eliminated - plumber did pressure test on pipe.
4. Fumes test comes at 83% efficiency with digital meter.
5. I can get enough hot water to take 10min shower.
6. House is well insulated (pumped cavity + attic insulation).

I`m renting from the agency and moved in to the house few weeks ago.
Its 4 bedroom bungalow and its 8 rads in the house ( 3 single 5 double).

Please advise something, maybe one of experienced members was going trough similar problem.

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Probably not far out just for heating.
The boiler burner has a 0.85 gph ' 130psi which translated into litres means it will use about 4 lts per hou while the burner is running. If you use the cooker as well then this is more oil.
Unless you have a system of compensation/optimisation,(which I doubt) then outside temps have no bearing on the situation. What temperature is your room stat and cylinder stat set to? How large is your DHW cylinder?
I don't think your oil consumption is excessive.
Thanks for reply,
Just found information plate inside - you right - its says nozzle is 0,65 US g/h so 3,1 l/h.
Im not using cooker at all, and even when the heating is working is not full 5h a day cause its worming up water to dedicated temperature and its stops.
Im check that so every 1h on ist 35min of burning oil.

I haven`t stats in the house, temperature on the burner is set at 70 C.
Hot water cylinder size is 100l.

Is any posibillity to make that burner more efficient?
Can nozzle be changed to smaller size?
Outside temperature will make all the difference. On cold days the boiler will be on for much longer to counteract greater heat loss.

Perhaps the OP should look at the weather in his/her part of Ireland over the last month, and take some comfort from this, as the oil usage is going to be far less in warmer ambient weather.

Most people drain their oil tanks over winter, the consumption doing hw in summer in minimal. It is the same with gas but the bills are calendarised for most on a direct debit, so they see the 12 month picture rather than a snapshot.

Changing the nozzle does not make the boiler more efficient; it just alters the heat input.......
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Thanks simond,
Looks like I will have to find better house cuse spending around 3000- 3500E yearly just for oil is not an option.
Friends of me leaving in similar size of house and they need to fill 800liters oil tank twice a year but they have firebird oil burner fitted.
Thanks for all advices
How do you know how much your oil bill will be per annum?

A firebird is not that different in efficiency to what you have.

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