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19 Mar 2003
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United Kingdom
Some nice easy questions (I hope!)

I am extending the ring main some 3 metres in the kitchen to accomodate a couple of extra sockets. Following the advice on this board the cable will be surface mounted below the worktop and then come up to the two new sockets which will be mounted above the work surface. In B&Q this morning to buy the bits and I am a bit confused:-

What is the difference between trunking and conduit (apart from one being round and one rectangular)?

The rectangular one would probably look better, what is the best way to fix this to the plasterboard wall?

Is it okay to put two lengths of cable in the same channel (i.e. the cable going to the sockets and the return leg) or would I be better using two separate channels?

If it is okay to put the two cables together then what size channel should I use to accomodate 2.5mm2 cable?

Silly questions I know but any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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In the situation you desribe use Mini-trunking, conduit is all well and good, but not for what you are doing.

Assess whether the mini-trunking is likely to be knocked in normal use..things being put in and out of the cupboard sort of thing.

If it will never get touched once installed, then drill a series of 6mm holes in the trunking, mark these on the plasterboard and use a TERMINAL screwdriver to push a small hole in the plasterboard. In this small hole force a RED 5.5mm rawlplug, ensuring it is tight, then simply use a 1" no8 screw (4.5mm x 25mm) to afix the trunking with.

They do make self adhesive mini-trunking, I would buy this if you can, but still screw it to the plasterboard, the self-adhesive strip should never be relied upon for permanent fixing.

Regarding the size you will require...25mm x 16mm (MMT2) will accomodate 2 2.5mmsq T&E's comfortably.
Thanks for the reply FWL_Engineer.

I have seen the self adhesive trunking but I will feel happier screwing it to the wall.

The trunking will be run behind the built in fridge and freezer so it will be protected from knocks, etc

Just to clarify - is it okay to put two cables into the same trunking then, I was a little concerned about this?
Davey, there is no problem whatsoever with putting two cables in the same piece of mini-trunking. You can even do it if they on seperate circuits..although this should be avoided if possible.
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Thanks for your help FWL_Engineer - much appreciated.

These are the things that they dont tell you in the DIY manuals.

Off to B&Q tomorrow. Cant wait to be able to use the George Forman without having to unplug the microwave :)

does 25 x 16mm trunking give a spacing factor of 45%??

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