Terminating an incoming SWA Cable

12 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
If you where running a lenght of 6mm SWA cable to a garage would you run the SWA through the wall into an internal box, or would you run it into an external box and run the 6mm T&E into the back of the box from the house?

Pros of the former as i see it is no box on the outside, ugly and slightly damage prone.

Pros of the latter being no need to drill such a huge hole in the wall.

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If I could run the cable internally, ie, underfloors and through walls I would!
If that's the question your asking?
But then I would be wondering why I was using SWA cable?
Sorry, bit of background.

The cable is running underground, from the garage at the bottom of the garden. The consumer unit is at the otherside of the house and a drive way.

Hence I prepose to use a lenght of 6mm Twin and earth which runs from a 32amp MCB in the consumer unit, across the house in the floor/ceiling space, down the the rear wall of the house. Then run the SWA from the garage, up the garden, to said rear wall of house.

At the garage end I will run the cable through the wall and up the wall into the garage's consumer unit but at the house end I will be joining it to the 6mm T&E and im just wondering what the consus would be on how to do it. As far as i can see both ways (internal or external) would comply.

The 6mm T&E is actaully an existing unused cooker supply, but I dont see that makes any diffrence, as even without it being there it would not be partiuarly viable to dig through the drive to run the SWA upto the main house consumer unit.

When you say you'll run the T&E
down the the rear wall of the house.
Do you mean inside, or the outside wall of the house.

T&E is not designed for use outside as it will degrade by frost, UV, etc and will fail. If its outside then bring the SWA up to the point the T&E comes through the wall.
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One option is to terminate the armouring in a external metal box but continue the cores and their sheath through the wall to a junction box inside the building away from the weather. Use plastic conduit or similar to protect the sheath of the cable as it passes through the wall. Ensure the armouring and the metal box are earthed

In the pictures the cores continue vertically into the consumer unit but could be turned 90 degrees to go through the wall.

For an external box use a box with external mounting to avoid having holes through the box for the fixing screws.

When you say you'll run the T&E [down the the rear wall of the house]
Do you mean inside, or the outside wall of the house.
Inside. As i say, its actually already there, as an used cooker feed.

Looks as though th general consenus is that it would be as simple as anything else to run the SWA through the wall into the house, and terminate it there, where it can connect direct to the T&E feed?


It can be (often can be? always is?) soft enough to cut with a fingernail.

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