Texecom comip wintex connection issues

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Solved it!

I was at the property on Saturday and set com1 to nothing fitted and sure enough, lost the ability to connect with wintex. I then changed the baud setting to 38400 from 19600 and it worked! I then also started getting lots of errors due to the random ARC settings I had been putting in that hadnt had an affect before. It also prevented me from dialling in the next day via wintex until I went in via the iphone keypad app (on third attempt, I think when the panel wasnt showing an error) and turned off ARC1 and ARC 2.

Now all good and I can concentrate on getting Montex working.
I have just upgraded my panel to v3.02 and the old problem of IP address and MAC address resolution came back. See other threads.

I am an IP network engineer and I struggled to get this to work. It seems that the ComWifi will not exchange MAC address with some routers. Mine is a SKY router and it would not work. This makes DHCP not possible. So I had to set it with a static IP address. Remember to make sure that the static addres is outside of your routers DHCP address pool or you will get a clash at some point in the future.

Also the dynamic update of IP address is very intermittent so the mobile phone app will often fail when trying to connect remotely. I created two sites in the app for my site. One with the local LAN IP address of the Comwifi and did not tick the Update IP box. I use this when on the local home wifi.

The other with a dynamic DNS hostname (instead of an IP address) which I use when accessing remotely. Again make sure that the Update IP box is not ticked. This works perfectly every time.

One thing to watch out for.

It is best to configure your comwifi via the panel rather than the web interface. The reason for this is that when your router talks to it it will screw up it's ARP cache. I am not sure why. Maybe it learns the MAC address of the wrong interface from the comwifi. This is evidenced by not being able to communicate with the comwifi when connecting to your home wifi.

To test this you can add a static IP Address into your local arp cache to prove that this is the issue. e.g. on a windows machine open a CMD prompt and


where IPADDRESS is the address of your comwifi

if you get a reponse then your comwifi is working OK.

If you do not then you may have the MAC/ARP issue.


arp -a

If you have the issue you will not see an entry with the IP address of your comwifi.

Then to temporarily fix/prove the issue add a static ARP cache entry you can type


replace with the IP address and MAC address of your comwifi.

type arp -a again and you will see your comwifi address in the list.

You should now be able to ping it.

remove the entry from your arp cache by typing


then type arp -a to check that it is no longer listed.

ping will not work again.

This is not a fix! just a test to prove that the issue is with the comwifi and your local network ARP cache updates.

If you are confident that your Comwifi is configured correctly then you need to reset the comwifi so that your local network router can refresh it's MAC table correctly. Use the panel to remove and add the COMIP module from whatever COM port you have it assigned to. This will reset it and your router should then learn the correct MAC address and resolve it's IP address for your other devices on the wifi network.

You should be able to ping it from your command prompt.

DO NOT connect to the Comwifi local wifi network. This will screw up the ARP cache again. You will lose local connectivity and will have to do the a above procedure again..

Hopes this helps somebody.
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I'm trying to default my com wifi card but I can't remember my login to the com wifi (been a year since I originally set it up). Can anyone advise how to default manually without having to login to it??
it can be done but you risk breaking if its not done correctly, there is a reset pin and that needs to be taken to the ground pin or zero volts when you power it up, its not easy.

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