The right to free speech in a free society

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Both of those publications have since had to retract those lies

The Lancet retracted an article about the drug, because the scientists providing the data wouldn't give them the data source.
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Hydroxychloroquine is not highly effective as a treatment to Covid.

UK and other countries have done extensive research and it wasn't found effective.

Your claim is totally disproven.
Please stop making dishonest claims.

No it is not, the very opposite in fact.
Perhaps you should start listening to the many Doctors who actually use it, and who have given it to patients of all ages for covid, some with 100% success rates.
You can start off by listening to Dr Stella Emmanuelle talking about Sunday Sunday medicine.
You won't find her on Youtube, and she, like everyone else has been attacked unmercifully by the very people who are lying to the likes of you.
The withholding and decrying of Hydroxychloroquine and other drugs as effective treatments for covid is one of the biggest scandals of this crime against humanity, and history will show that.
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You can start off by listening to Dr Stella Emmanuelle talking about Sunday Sunday medicine


She is a pediatrician and minister in Houston.
She is a known conspiracist.

Please go and find me some REAL evidence the drug is successful.
Perhaps you should listen to Dr Simone Gold who was fired from her job as an emergency room physician because she refused to stop treating,and curing her covid patients using hydroxychlloroquine.
Her hospital wanted to just put them on ventilators, they get paid a lot of money when patients die of covid while on ventilators.
She is a known conspiracist.
There is the problem isn't it?
There are thousands of doctors, virologists and immunologists who who stand behind her.
But they are all attacked and called conspiracy theorists as soon as they dare to speak out.
And titheads like you immediately discard everything that these very professional people say, you don't even realise that you are being manipulated.
Perhaps you should listen to Dr Simone Gold
Perhaps you should ask why the US FDA revoked its use against the drug as a treatment for Covid.

It does nothing in the treatment against Covid, rather it just increases your chance of having a heart attack.

The USA now has a mountain of unused and unwanted Hydroxy pills.
Perhaps you should ask why the US FDA revoked its use against the drug as a treatment for Covid.
I've already answered that by saying that the withholding of truly effective treatments for covid while people are left to die on ventilators is one of the most scandalous aspects of this incredible crime against humanity.
These threads by Sooey should be a reminder to us all how it is possible to manipulate and radicalise people.

Sooey has been sucked in by the same methods that radicalised Shamima Begum and the othe jihadists, Jehova witnesses etc.

Even more worrying is that Sooey radicalised himself. :eek:
So just because you don't agree then such comments should be banned/censored?

Or do you have a problem in working out for yourself what you actually believe in?

After all you did come over from the 'dark side' referendum wise, didn't you?

I started with an open mind about this 'virus' stuff.
But the more I read, the more I doubt about the fatality rate in relation to deaths being attributed to 'virus' which may well be misreported...

And the draconian measures being taken around the world are imo totally out of order...

Should that viewpoint be censored?
No there aren't.
Yes there are, look at the great barrington declaration, the world doctors alliance, america's frontline doctors etc. Their numbers are growing all the time even though people who start speaking out risk losing everything.
I've already answered that
No, you have posted a load of untrue waffle.

Simone Gold, lol.

“Simone Gold is a toxic purveyor of misinformation, now actively contributing to rightwing extremist rhetoric that continues to rile up people determined to hang on to the most egregious Donald Trump lies.”
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