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15 Nov 2005
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United Kingdom
Our house does not currently have gas. And is too expensive to get it installed. We don't currently have any efficient form of heating and have really poor hot waster pressure. We just have hot waster cylinder, immersion heater on E7.

Was quoted about £6K to get gas installed from about 60 metres away of the nearest mains supply. Which is way too expensive. So I have been looking at alternatives. A thermal heat store/heat bank and some electric boilers to be exact.

The elec boilers will run central heating and hot water. I have been on various websites working out requirements for BTU/h for radiators and have got about 23,000 BTU/h for total house (std 3 bed) requirements then about 10,000 BTU (3KW) for water heating. Have workd out that a 140 Litre thermal heat store plus either 2x6KW or 1x12KW elec boiler will run the CH and hot water sufficiently. The 140 litre tank provides 40,000 BTU/h when full.

Apparently thermal heat stores are very very efficient and is a good alternative to gas. Also pressure of these is meant to be much better than 3 bar like gas boilers. between 3 and 9, decent enough to run a good powerful shower off mains hot water.

I have not invested yet fully so not sure on labour prices to install or if there are many installers of heat stores and elec boilers?

Would like gas but aint gonna happend. Would rather spend 2.5K to 3K getting a reliable and working hot water and central heating solution than 6K to get gas then another £2.5K to get gas central heating.

Doesnt seem to be a greeat choice of electric boilers. The amptec seem to be the most available.

Currently thinking about the following heat stores:

Albion from: Mainsflow Contractor&page=1

Pandora from:

Any comments or experience of heat stores appriciated.
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I would not recommend an electric option.

Is the 60m along the street? Can any other houses share the cost? can you provide any of the trenches to reduce the cost?

Have you considered oil or LPG ?

I agree with Tony. Keep away from electric
After a few years of running the Amptec you will have spent much more on electricity than if you had used oil or LPG.
Consider environmentally friendly options such as ground source heat pumps and solar so you can get heat for free.
They won't connect gas off existing neighbours because pressure wont be enough. So have to go off the nearest main, which is about 2 or 3 streets away. Theres only our 1 next door neighbour that also want gas (cause all others have it), but again were quoted silly £6K + even then its at least £2.5K if we share it. which is before any central heating goes in. Thats just the gas supply to the house. (Cannot afford both)

I could only provide the trence from public access path to house. Which is about 3 or 4m at most. Aint going to reduce much.

Have been told if you dont have oil already dont bother getting it. I dont like the idea of getting gas/oil tanks in garden. I dont plan on staying in my property for long (2 years at most). Im just getting it up to scratch, getting in some heating and selling on. Other houses in the area have recently sold without gas (they just have underfloor elec heating, like i currently have). This is only a temporary dwelling until my current debts are paid off. Wont gain much on house prices in this area anyway. So dont want to pay out too much. Plus no way I can afford to spend 6K for gas then £2K to £2.5K for Central heating on top.

Not too fussed about paying more for electric. As long as I get something efficient. And something that can keep us warm in winter for a year or two. Next house will have gas before we move in. Thats for sure.
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Looking at it correctly on the basis that a new gas supply will be fitted to serve two properties and cost about £2.5k then its the best option in my view.

I have not been to Leeds for two months and am perhaps out of touch with prices but the City centre looked as if it was booming, new construction everywhere!

Unless your house is really worth less then £80k I would strongly suggest that you and your neighbour get the new gas supply fitted as it will be the best option in the long run and will probably recoup the costs when you sell.

8) i know of a certain lottery winning multi millionaire who had heard so many bad stories about his neighbours LPG problems changeover valves etc that he paid a hell of a lot more than 6grand for a ng supply.
result is his neighbour is having same done now.
You'd normally find me on the electrics forum. i see all the plumbers are pushing the gas option! I'm here to say ground source heat pumps are the future for homes without gas. Very efficient - consume about 1kw for every 3kw of heat they give out - 300% efficient. stick that in your gas boiler and smoke it ;) Oh, some systems will also cool your home in summer ;)
crafty1289 said:
I'm here to say ground source heat pumps are the future for homes without gas. Very efficient - consume about 1kw for every 3kw of heat they give out - 300% efficient. stick that in your gas boiler and smoke it ;) Oh, some systems will also cool your home in summer ;)

Yes I reckon it is a good idea as well Crafty we are melting the ice caps from above - so if we take the heat out of the ground we can freeze them back again from below ;)
Well house is probably only worth maybe 90K at a push, was bought for 78k just over a year ago. (ex-council house).

I do understand that gas boiler is the way to go (even though gas prices are rising). The problem is if you can only get £2.5K together at the most cause of all other debts and you want to keep warm when it starts getting cold again in a few months time. Gas is NOT an option (if you cannot afford it). Its a council estate and some people are certinly not willing to part with £2.5K just for the gas supply cause they dont have the money, simple as that. I know this cause I've already aksed them. All I want is decent hot water pressure and some central heating. Even if neighbours could go halves. I then couldnt afford the boiler and heating installation on top. at least not for another year or so. Money is tight and will be a few years.
23,000 BTU/h for total house (std 3 bed)
Sounds too low, esp if it's an average semi. Did you include energy to heat air changes?

And you will only get the flow and pressure of total water in the house that the mains can provide, so DO measure it, and ask your water supplier what the pressure is.
Take care!

Crafty said """ I'm here to say ground source heat pumps are the future for homes without gas. Very efficient - consume about 1kw for every 3kw of heat they give out - 300% efficient. """

What he forgot to tell you is that electricity is more that three times more expensive than gas !!!

The cost of heating with gas is about £600 p.a. and with electricity on a heat recovery system about £650 p.a.

Saying you dont have the money is irrelevant! British Gas and the other major companies will give you a finance deal over five years !!!

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