Thermostatic Radiator Valve Cap

7 Jul 2015
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United Kingdom
Now that I have a Hive Thermostat in my living room I no longer need a Thermostatic Radiator Valve attached to my living room radiator.

It’s simple enough to remove the TRV but I wondered if there was a cap that could be put in its place much like there is a cap on the valve on the other side of the radiator.

After a quick google I found this:

Before I spend the time getting it I just wanted confirmation that this is indeed what I am looking for.

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That linked screwfix product is not suitable.

If your removed trv sensor was attached with a thread then measure the diameter across the threaded valve body. There is a good chance its 30mm and caps are available from screwedfix.
if it was not attached by a thread,:idea: tell us the name on the trv and post a photo of both parts so the correct part can be sourced,if available.
The Myson TRV was attached with a thread and the thread diameter appears to be 3cm (9cm circumference)


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30mm (m30)

View attachment 126141 They are available in white from some stockists if the chrome is to blinghy.
What a price, I bought a new TRV complete for around £5 which came with the alternative cap, £8.39 seems some what OTT? Think I would just turn TRV to maximum.

Can't work out why people fit Hive and Nest? there must be a reason as I see it done so often, but why fit a device which turns a motorised valve on/off instead of using a device which will gradually turn the supply up and down? I would prefer a seamless control rather than simple on/off. eTRV heads can also be worked by your phone, just can't see what is so good about Hive and Nest?
Different systems for different lifestyles, Hive and nest suit many differing lifestyles , not everyone has the same requirements
ADarkDividedGem asked for a cap to tidy up his trv,that was the question.FFS read the question.

OK there are other ways of doing every job but please refer to the intial question,ffs

ericmark you have already proved you are a total tool regarding ch and other subjects so please consider the initial question.ffs your just a diy installer that leaves water leaks.

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but why fit a device which turns a motorised valve on/off instead of using a device which will gradually turn the supply up and down?
And which valve exactly would a hive or nest version 1 turn off ? please refrain from giving general advice on things that you know nothing of

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