This poor refugee has come for a better life.

The vast majority is already controlled immigration which they could manage simply if they wanted to.

The boat people are very small numbers, it's just a diversion tactic.

Yes, realise that millions of extra people can't be coming in on dinghies. And it's not just us that's being swamped. Devastating for ordinary people, our culture, essential services, housing, quality of life, the environment, etc, etc none the less. No one voted for this - in fact the opposite. A once great country ruined by treacherous politicians for greed, money and power.
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Probably radicalised by the other lot.

You've changed your tune,

It will quickly reduce the numbers coming here. It worked for Australia.

because the countries that have brought in the most stringent rules (eg. Australia, NZ) are the ones that have turned the tide and protected their citizens

Australia is an island and they tackled the problem.
Which is, exactly?

Morris dancing?

Come on Brig! You saying we don't have a culture? Religion, sport, food, drink, rule of law, sense of fair play, language, love of animals, sense of community, sense of humour - I could go on. As an Englishman I have a very distinct cultural heritage - it's benefits are worldwide.

Disappointing! I worry if I have to explain it, the recipient of the information may not understand.
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It totally ulternately in part is the fault of the libby liberals and the lefties voting against our weak government's attempts to get anything through parliament.

You've recognised where the issue is and you are still trying to shift the blame. Tory support in action
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