3 Dec 2010
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United Kingdom
Hi, yep the usual sort of newbie trying to get out of jail free....

The pilot light wont stay alight, ive cleaned the injector and the burner head, ive changed the thermocouple...twice to be on the safe side, i have now tested thermocouple, high and low stats for continuity with my multimeter and they are all fine, the pump seems to be working as ive done the long screwdriver to ear test....has anyone got any ideas to what the problem is. I have tried to get registered engineers out but they are either stranded due to the weather or fully booked.
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We dont give DIY gas advice on here and you have already done many things which should have been the province of a registered engineer.

I am surprised if you have really been given that impression. I have no difficulty getting to most repairs the same day and the only time I have to make them wait until the next day is when they are a long way away as travelling on the roads very far is unpredictable.

Perhaps you are making that up thinking that we will then give you DIY advice? I expect some engineers from this forum would be able to go to you if you said where you were located.

Mostly though I have been going on public transport to avoid being part of an accident or being held up by one.

No, ive got both my parents here who are in there late 70s and bloody cold...and im not prone to making things up or using excuses for advice. Maybe i imagined previous posts ive read on here where people have given advice to similar problems...but as you seem to have already cast aspersions on my character without even knowing me and bored the ass off me with youre travel arrangements you can **** OFF, i'll get to the bottom off it myself.
Although I've no right to judge you, and you have tested some components you are not registered and knowledged on gas issuse so I would say get someone in to service this and they will also rectify your problem, it's the best thing to do if you love your parents, bud.
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Thankyou, yes i would love to get someone in...try getting someone, British gas not taking emergency jobs unless youre with there homecare service, all the local ones like i said in the previous post are either snowed in of fully booked.
Its either the overheat stat which is connected to t/couple or the gas valve
Yes, thank you, all signs are pointing to one of those, luckily i have managed to find someone who will visit this afternoon to diagnose the fault.

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