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Hi. Imagine a half brick wall.

The task is to build in front of that wall a load-bearing column, with the column's right side on a level with the right side end of the wall.

Imagine the column to be made bricks lying lengthways as you as you look at it (column just one brick length wide) , and it is made up of bricks laid exactly on top of each other, and that it is 4 bricks deep, and ten bricks (courses) high.

What do you use that ties that column firmly into the wall at the back?

I think I need something L shaped that can be plastered over. The column is not going to move towards the wall, because the wall is firm. It is more important to restrain the column moving away from the wall.

I could bond/dovetail the column into the back wall, but, I'm trying to avoid the work cutting into the wall, and complicating the design of the short column.

Is what I need on this page?:


Would it also be good to use some kind of ties within the column, considering bricks are to be laid exactly over each other?

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3 Sep 2006
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West Mids
United Kingdom
You would normally ask for fishtail or frame ties. These are L shaped and screw into the existing wall

What you need to be sure of, is if this load bearing column can bear the loads itself, or if it does need to be tied in to the wall to spread the load to that too


It's actually part of this project:


But in figure 3 in the latest picture, my brickwork is different. In those drawings the back wall D is dovetailed into a wall called F.

I'm hoping to avoid the extra work that that requires, by using ties. In the manner I described in this posting.

You see under the fireplace lintel that there is only one place to tie into, wall D, the wall I'm alluding to in this posting.

I do wonder if I should put some vertical steel rods into that short column under the lintel.

Unless I put in a strong upright "I" beam for the column under the lintel. The lintel will be an "I" beam BTW.

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