Timber frame without brick exterior advice needed

9 May 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, i'm new here, and I'm planning to build a workshop/garage in my garden.

I'm wanting to build it out of 6x2 timber frame, but instead of the usual brick/block exterior cladding, I plan to clad the external frame with insulation boards, then render them (like they do to externally insulate a brick house)
please see the bottom picture on this link: http://www.greenspec.co.uk/building-design/woodfibre-timber-frame-wall/

Will building regs allow me to use this method?
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You may not require building regulation approval for this, but if within 1m of a boundary will need to ensure that extra fire prevention is included to stop fire spread across the boundary - fire resistant boards either side of the frame and roof. Then clad as you propose.
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Yes , unfortunately it does need building regs as it's got attic trusses for 2 rooms upstairs and measures 14 X 7 meters, it's going to be used as a work from home electronics repair business.
Trouble is that I have a bad back for block laying and can't do a pro job at brick laying. Being on a limited budget too , I can't afford a builder. This is why I'm thinking of cladding the external walls with light weight insulation boards and render. Shiplap would be an alternative option too.
Then would you work to the standards for commercial not domestic - which will involve more onerous fire precautions and means of escape issues?

But yes a clad timber frame is possible. But research the render render systems, as it's not as straight forward as rendering some boards.
Thats massive!

You're going need planning and proper foundations, etc for something that size as its bigger than most people's houses.

Imo if your budget is limited you might be better off renting a cheap industrial unit...so much over capacity at the moment you could likely rent somewhere for a few k a year.

But if you're determined to build then that thread I posted will help. However a 6 x 2 piece of timber is going to weight considerably more than a block to lift (just thinking of your back).
LOL, yes it is pretty big, but I have the space for it. After i retire, (i'm 47 now) I hope to apply for change of use to a domestic dwelling, and either live in it myself and let out my current house or visa versa. it could be my pension pot

As for renting a workshop, the issue is that renting is dead money,no pension pot, not to mention having to travel to work each day.
I'm currently renting the same building for 20 years, but now my landlord wants me out because he wants to sell his property. my current rent is only £60pw, and theres nothing about i could rent this low anymore, so a home workshop is my only option to remain self employed and continue doung my job.

The plans are already in and am told should be approved, but then its building regs which always scares me.
You could clad it with euroform weatherplank which is a fire resistant cement board.

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