Titan multi tool carb

13 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I purchased a like new condition Titan multi tool last year model TTL488GDO.
Its been perfect in its use so far but today I spent some time to keep adjusting the mixture.

The carb fitted has two adjustment screws of which are circular with a little pip in one place so the tool can only fit in one place.

I would turn this screw left until the engine changed it’s fine then I would turn it right and do the same and put the screw in the middle.

This then would run fine but after say 5 minutes it would start chugging/ big down etc and I would need to do it again.

After doing it say 3 times in an hour I turned the screw all the way in then back it out 1 1/2 turns and try there etc.

This above was done after it had warmed up etc.

I don’t understand why I was having to keep doing it so I thought maybe another carb would be the answer ?

Could you take a look at these photos of a carb and advise the possibility of adjusting mixture or is it fixed etc without adjustment.



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For sure, if the machine can run for a good few minutes, there can't be too much wrong with it.
However, maybe I can offer some tips or advice.
To rule things out, fit a new spark plug and clean the air filter (if it has one).
From your description of the carb screws, it would seem you are using the 'pacman' adjusting screwdriver.
When the machine is running, keep it idling as fast as possible (without engaging the clutch etc). These tiny engines have little 'flywheel' effect to keep it turning over.
Observe the plastic fuel pipe tubing.....Chinese stuff tends to be brittle and prone to splitting.
Check the tank filter.
Keep the tank brim full.
When you are adjusting those screws, do it a fraction (1/8th) of a turn at a time. Rev the machine up, let it return to idle.....the effect of mixture adjustment isn't always immediate. This is especially necessary with the high speed run screw - as you accellerate the engine, it should buzz and then start to slightly 'four stroke' as it reaches maximum RPM. Some people think the engine is misfiring - it isn't.
By all means buy a new carb if you think fit - it may be great, it may not but I would be inclined to clean the original up inside before doing so, and replacing the gaskets/diaphragms within.
John :)
Just replying to your message.
Sorry about some wrong words,was using my phone last night and when i submit it knows better and changes some words for me,typical.


New spark plug fitted & only see a few hours use.
Air filter say 3x3 is new buy might have some oil on it so it will be cleaned.
Pacman tool is correct.
Fuel tube was new / replaced at time of purchase along with air filter / spark plug and still nice and flexable.
Tank filter / tubes also replaced.

I will put a photo here to show the 2 screws & also you canb see the carb.

After todays work i will clean carb out & adjust like you say
Don't panic if the air cleaner shows oil deposits - two strokes work in this way and do spit a little bit of the fuel back into the carb.
If its a foam type, just the tiniest oil residue is right.
John :)
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Some photos for you.
Now need to go use it.

Two screws arrowed.
Top touches throttle lever / cable.
Bottom is PAC Man for mixture.

Can you advise how I should set up this mixture correctly.
I assume once cleaned and set up I should be good to go without having to play with it like yesterday.


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I have a feeling that the pacman screw is only for the slow running or pilot mixture.....if I recall correctly, this carb has a needle which is attached to the throttle body and that is more or less set.
I'll try to explain. Look down the open carb choke, air filter out. Can you see a round cylinder with a hole in it that turns when you open the throttle? That is the throttle body and there is a needle attached to it which meters fuel out of a jet beneath. The position of that needle is adjustable from the top but its very rarely needed and may need yet another special screwdriver.
Run the engine at a fast tickover, and turn the pacman screw ever so slightly one way or another. The engine should speed up when you turn it in....this weakens the mixture, so turn it back out again until the engine just starts to slow a little....that should now be set.
Another pic of the carburettor where the throttle cable turns the plastic quadrant could help.
John :)
When I get home I will look and also remove it for a clean etc but as all was new and I even fitted a fuel filter and cut off tap the internals should be pretty much clean.

when I do the high Revs etc etc can I start from where the screw is now or do I need to wind it in then out so far to get a base line ?
See how the machine runs at low speed first.....try setting the screw as per post #6. This will give you a base line to see how the thing performs at higher revs.
John :)
The item is how you say with that cylinder
Body that when throttle operated it rotates thus seeing the cut out appear.
See extra photos.


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Yes, at the bottom of that cylinder could be a needle that pokes into a hollow drilling, restricting the fuel supply (designs differ).
On some carbs, that plastic plate the throttle cable pulls on actually rises, pulling the needle higher from the jet.
John :)
I forgot to mention earlier - when the machine starts to die try giving it some choke.....if it picks up, the mixture is weak but if it stalls even quicker then its too rich.
John :)
Ive now done the above so will see what happens.
I assume when i start it and let it warm up there should be no reason to adjust anything now and running should be fine if carb is ok that is
Well today was the first time ive had to use this item & started 3rd pull.
I spent time again today playing with the screw with that pacman tool.
I let it warm up and trying to give it some revs using throttle lever all seemed ok.I was cutting grass for say 5 minutes & noticed the revs didnt sound the same.Pulling the throttle lever a few times didnt make much difference so i turned the screw & i could hear the engine alter to what sounded much better.I continued for a while no problem but same again so out with the pacman tool.......

This pretty much continued for an hour until there was no grass left to cut.
I assumed that once the setting is correct i should be able to cut the grass without having to stop & play around etc etc with it.

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