Titan multi tool carb

As you have found, the carburettor settings are pretty critical and need only the slightest adjustments.
However you seem to be getting there and at least you can complete your work.
Several factors come into play as the machine gets a few hours behind it.
First, the carburettor wears to some degree.....jets don’t wear to any extent but the needle on the throttle slide does.
Secondly, two stroke engines rely on good crankcase oil seals.....these live on the ends of the crankshaft where it exits the engine castings. Any wear on these allows air to be ingested into the engine and this plays hell with the carburation. If you can grab the flywheel and feel any up and down play whatsoever, expect the seals to have seen better days.....Its only very high hours machines or those fed on poor oil that suffer this way.
John :)
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Well for £12 I purchased a new carb off eBay.
Supposed to fit ALL Triton 25cc engines.

Ive replaced the carb now, had to use the old throttle cable mounting plate but job done.

Also the new carb has a primer bulb on the bottom where the item I took off had one in the casing.

I continued to fit the carb & it was 50/50 whether it would run due to the two bulbs.

I used my primer bulb & the fuels line pushed into the carb ports.

Started first pull.
It’s run for about 5 minutes so I assume the bulbs didn’t make much difference & putting the fuel lines on I must of got them the correct way around first time.

It’s ticks over fine so ive put the tick over screw so it just touches the throttle lever.

It revs fine maybe a little bog down but nowhere near the old one so are these set at the factory or should I be doing something.


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The only screw I might fractionally tweak would be the one on the first photo which should be the low running mixture screw.
There could be main jet adjustment but I’d need a shot of the top of the carb where the throttle quadrant is.
So long as the engine starts and runs well, just leave the original primer bulb in place!
John :)
You mean the brass item.
Is there any preferance to which way, i mean it slightly bogs down so does that mean too much or too little fuel ?
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I think that screw is for the slow running mixture so I’d leave it be if the engine starts and runs happily slowly.
Unfortunately when the engine struggles to accellerate it can be either rich or weak mixture......you can get some idea if the engine starts to ‘four stroke’ at maximum revs.
These carburettors usually have a needle which fits into the main jet - they are adjustable to a degree and is usually done by a screw in the dead centre of the throttle quadrant. I may be able to advise further if you can photograph the very top of the carb, once on tickover and again on full throttle.
John :)
Screw right in the middle John is referring to but maybe hidden under a plug which can be a pain to remove


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I guess that's one of your spares, LITL......and that's exactly what I mean!
John :)
Its only a spare in the sense, I cant bear to throw things away in case I need them John ..its an affliction my wife tells me, I think shes just about accepted it after 50years though:mrgreen:
I too have maybe half a dozen carbs that I just can't fix for love or money.......I should just chuck them because they'll cause me more grief when I try them again.
John :)
Ive used the strimmer a few times now without any kind of adjustment even though i started this post,i wanted to see how it would work, i mean the item i took off i would be adjusting it all the time it was running.Spent more time on the floor with a screwdriver than actually doing the job.
I can say for £12 i havent had to do anything so money well spent.

Now ive purchased a second carb for my other strimmer but this time from overseas at a cost of £7


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