toilet button is stuck and shower mixer drip

26 Oct 2008
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United Kingdom
we've got a top push button toilet cistern. it is close coupled. recently when we fush it, the button gets stuck down, and we have to take the lid off all the time to push it back in - a long leg type lever comes out when the button's pushed. how can we fix this-why's it started to do this? it is getting annoying doing this everytime someone goes to the loo !
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Could be scale build up - check the component parts of the syphon. If they all seem ok, try a touch of silicone grease / spray, or a tad of baby oil on the offending part. :)
the button lever when pressed pushed a plastic valve (not a normal siphon) which then lets water go into the pan.

the button does seem stiff or stuck inside when pushed - maybe i should clean it up with grease as you mentioned?
also got another problem - my shower mixer (aqualisa varispray) is drippin a litte slowly under the dial when turned off. is it easy to fix this?
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I know what type of syphon you're on about. Other things that can fail on these is the rubber washer that seals the water in the cistern - these get scaled up and don't form a complete seal, and the water runs into the pan.

Try a bit of silicone grease on the button shaft once you're happy its clean. Hopefully this will help :)
i am not sure of the model - it over 10 years old though. although looks good and gives a good shower. it is white (although i believe at the time could have had it also in crhome)!! - is has a dial, a lever that adjusts the temp to hot or cold, and is fed from a hot water tank and a cold water tank in the loft (both in 15mm pipe) which go to the dial. then another pipe, 22mm goes to the shower head.
Look on aqualisa's website - they list all the parts available for their showers. You may see your shower model on that, and they may supply a service kit that will come with various washers to replace. Or you may need a shower, as the one you mention sounds like one of their power shower models. Have a look on the site anyway, this may enlighten you :)
ok thanks i will look. the shower is not a power shower though, no electric used, just a manual mixer type.

if i do have a new shower it will be messy as the old one has a dia cut out of a tiled airing cupboard wall!! and unless a dial mixer of the same diameter is available, i don't think it will work?...
Take a look on their site, you may see that they still supply your particular shower .

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