Toilet cistern slow on refil

13 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
My toilet cistern is slow to refil once the flush has been operated.
I noticed that if i turn the tap on in the sink then off again the cistern starts to refil as it should.
I have removed the top of the cistern which is just sat on anyway and had a look inside.
The float drops fine with the water level when the flush is operated.
The blue arrow is pointing to a little pin that when the float raises with the level of water it is pushed in & the flow of water is slowed down and then stopped once full.
This pin seems to be a visible problem,i mean with the float down,tap on then off this pin then shoots out and refils much faster,as if it is sticking etc.
There is a plastic tube that comes from the boittom of the cistern to the part you can see in the photo.
Just below the unit in the photo is a plastic nut.If i turn off the inlet water isolation valve is it ok to unscrew this nut so then the top section will be able to lift out.
My question is what do i do when i have this piece out.
Can it be taken apart without springs etc flying out or do i just need to lubricate the pin.
Long story but it helps to list everything.
Also what is the red item that the yellow arrow is pointing to as it does not seem to do anything apart from dangle down the back of the section shown ?

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All it need is a overhaul and a new washer. You only need to unscrew large nut ( around the pin ). It will not fly anywhere. Turn off water and take it out and there a washer in it, take it out and renew it.

I can't see well, but it red so I think it a spare nozzle for low pressure water.

Hope this help. :)

When it's apart, clean up the pin, and the hole it fits in. Any bits of limescale there may jam the pin.
I use toolstation for some bits and bobs.
Looking in the book there is many washers can you advise what it is called please.
draw off cock washer.
ball valve washer.
pegler washer.
I only ask as our toolstation shop is not much use unless you give them a part number,other than that can i pick it up at any hardware store.
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This washer which i replaced in december has been perfect in respect of the slow filling.
Over the last week now and then there is a noise like a dog whining ?
Does not do it all the time but when it does you know about it.
I pulled the flush this morning and as i got to the bottom of the stairs it did it again,i rushed back upstairs and quickly took the top off the cistern.The noise is deffinately coming from the toilet cistern,i can see that the water that is coming into the cistern is nearly 100% complete as there is a slow flow of water as the ball valve does its job.With this noise now in front of me i pushed down on the float/arm and the noise had stopped as the water flow then increased.
I pulled the flush again and waited,as the water is nearly finished filling the cistern the noise was there agin,pushed down the float and noise gone ?
After this long story is there anything i can spray inside the section where this washer slides in & out or can you advise otherwise please.
When i replaced the washer it was just put into the plastic hole dry.

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