Toilet Soil Pipe Too Far From Wall

19 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
This is tricky to describe so bear with me please.

My existing toilet cistern on a close coupled loo was attached to a batten holding it 3 CM from the wall because the only way I could fit a soil polypipe to the hole in the floor was to do that.

Basically the centre of the soil pipe in the floor is 100mm from the wall and I'm struggling to find a toilet with the waste exit far enough away from the wall so I can fit a pipe. Even a flexi pipe is too wide a 90 degree bend to fit. I've even tried the space saving pan connector before.

Other than sit the pan and cistern away from the wall I cant see any options. This cant be a new situation so if anyone has any idea I would be grateful. I think the original toilet when we moved in 20 years ago had the waste exit set way back in the pan so they had more flexibility. Modern loos dont seem to have that
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I know the feeling copea :)

I cant use an offset connector as there is a 22mm pipe running across/on the wall behind the toilet that would block any soil pipe that was closer to the wall

The toilets I have looked at say max 50mm from wall to center which means the soil pipe in the floor would have to be pretty flush with the wall. I could try a space saver again but I'm sure i tried one before
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A lot of the pans I'm looking at would seem to work. Where have you been looking?

Are you desperate to keep your current pan/cistern?

This for example:

Ideal Standard E8229(01)
The problem...I think is the bend being so tight given I've lost 50mm or so as the hole in the floor is too far from the wall. Maybe its the design of the new toilet which stops the connector going completely home on the pan.... mmm
The 50mm thing is the minimum clearance.
You can go further away, as in your case.

There's actually no difference between the soil pipe distance to the wall in the one I proposed and the one you linked to.

Any chance of photos of the current arrangement?
I'll take a pic of the soil pipe position. Toilet is removed due to leak and floor being replaced. Mistake was fitting laminate flooring.... water "resistant" or not. Vinyl going in next...

Bathstore do say that the 50mm on the Denver is a max, mind you. I think a new toilet, as you say most of them, will be OK despite the soil pipe. Itsprobably because the existing pan has little room inside the back.Which is why I had to secure the cistern with a batten behind it to provide support. It worked fine for quite a few years now but suddenly decided it would leak when flushed. But it wasnt obvious for too long and now floor is knackered.
Having just done some sums, with a pan where the spigot stops 160mm from the wall and with your soil pipe position, the McAlpine WC-CON8 will overlap the pan spigot by 18mm and the WC-CON8E will overlap the pan spigot by 55mm.
Bearing in mind the seal on the pan connector isn't at the opening exactly, but is recessed in, I'd go for the 8E first.
Only problem may be that the pan spigot looks very short, and this may land you between an 8 and an 8E.
Thanks copea. I appreciate you working that out. I'll get both and try the 8E first. I'll post back when done. Got tp put new flooring down first.....

Above the hole there is a 22mm pipe running old&cold so I cant offset it. But thanks for the suggestion

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