Torbeck Valve water hammer

28 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
I've recently fitted a new diaphragm to the Torbeck valve in my toilet cistern. It fills quietly, but a few moments after shutting off peace is shattered by a few moments of water hammer. It's only the diaphragm that has changed.
There's been a Torbeck in this cistern for 25 years and I've not had this problem before.
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Answer may be in the question, you've fitted a new diaphragm to the Torbeck recently! In order to do that I assume you turned the supply off, and in doing that you've disturbed a stopvalve on the supply somewhere. May well be the stopvalve in question that is now causing the water hammer. :cry:
Torbeck/Opella seem to have changed the valve design within the past few years. The current version does not have the metal needle which goes through a hole in the diaphragm. I wonder if that's the cause of the problem as Opella will now send you a water hammer prevention kit for free.

Just email them salesuk'at' saying that you would like a water hammer kit for your Torbeck valve. Don't forget to give your address.
I find that Torbeck valves are not as reliable as they used to be. replace with a Fluidmaster.
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Thanks for all the input. When I fitted the new diaphragm, I just used the isolator valve below the cistern to turn off the water. I still had to fit the diaphragm over the metal needle. Does Fluidmaster make a valve to the same dimensions the space is limited inside the cistern?
Also if you have a flush valve check the seating is not passing water...look very carefully at the back of the pan for the trickle.
As Torbeck/Fluidmaster (same company) will send you the anti-hammer modification free, just for an email, why not fit that for a start?
Update. Feel a bit stupid now! Took the valve to bits to look at the diaphragm and the needle thing, then put it back together quite loosely and turned on the water to check the ballcock was working freely and there was almighty crashing and banging as the valve shut off. So - I tightened it up as hard as I could and the result, only a slight thud as the water shut off and no water hammer at all.
Thanks for all the suggestions. This forum does give me the confidence to try things and learn.

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