Trianco EuroStar 70-90 Oil Boiler cutting in and out

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I have a Trianco Eurostar WM70 boiler and have the same problem with the flue seals leaking causing the boiler to cut out. How can these joints be re-sealed as Trianco no longer make any replacement seals for this flue?

Is it possible to just remove the centre flue to reseal it or does the whole flue assembly have to be removed?
Hi, Thanks can this uht silicone.sealant be applied around the joints without having to take the flue completely out? Or can the centre flue be removed leaving the outside flue in place?

Can anyone advise me how to take out just the centre flue? Thanks.
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The flue can be a pig to remove from the air box.
If you have a manual it is shown. If not download a copy.
All will be revealed.
Use a liberal amount of silicone to seal every joint and remove the excess "Snotters".
Many thanks for all your help. I have the householders manual which shows the flue but it does not say how the flue is attached to the air box or whether it is possible just to remove the inner flue. Can the outside square flue box remain in place?

Is there a service manual as well which I need to download?

Any chance of any more advise/help with the removal process?
Thanks again for the link.
This link takes me to a google search with a list of items. I assume its the first one that I need? I have downloaded this manual but I think its the same as the one I already have.

It shows the flue and the parts that make it up but I can't see where it tells you how to remove just the middle flue. I have the horizontal telescopic balanced flue which sits on the top of my wall mounted boiler.

Is it possible to just remove the middle round flue and re-seal the joints or will I have to remove the entire balanced flue and hence chop around the outside of the square casing in order to remove the flue?

My boiler works fine when I disconnect the snorkel tube that supplies the air from outside, but when I reconnect this tube to the boiler it runs for between a few minutes to several days, during which the burner cuts in and out until it finally trips out completely. Therefore I assume that it must be leaking joints in the flue pipe.
If you ever phone trance up they always ask you to remove the snorkel
tube now you can block of this tube but you must and I stress this you
must make sure there is a good supply of fresh air and if your kitchen has an extractor fan you must make sure there is adequate air for both the fan and the boiler
There is no extractor fan in the kitchen and its a large kitchen/dining room but I don't feel very happy about leaving the snorkel off for any length of time. I would like to get the flue problem sorted out and leave the snorkel in place if possible. Is it safe to leave the snorkel off?
If your installation complies with ventilation requirements for open flues, then it will be safe. On a boiler such as this, when the burner stops, you are likely to experience some annoying fumes from the burner intake as it is easier for these to escape from the burner intake than the flue.
Reseal the flue as Terry says.
The square outer flue is attached to the round inner flue. It is telescopic and slides out.
It will be necessary to reseal all the joints including the elbow.


Or call your Boilerman. :LOL:
Hi, Thanks, so I will need to cut around the square flue and remove the whole thing then! I have painted rendered walls so it would have been nice to be able to just remove the inner round flue to save messing up the painted render, but I guss this is NOT possible?

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