Trianco Eurostar lock out problem

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Thanks for the info. Yes it certainly looks like a flue problem, the hacksaw attack does not look nice! Hopefully if it plays the game for a while I will go back and reseal the flue and keep it as a balanced flue, did wonder about a separate hole through the wall with a grill on instead. The only other thing I have noticed is the burner used to switch off intermittantly when hot! But that turned out to be the classic solinoid coil going open circuit when it expands with the heat! Apart from that no re ignition or anything. It either worked or did not! The boiler room is in a very sheltered courtyard area, so I dont think backdraft is anything to worry about.

I know what you mean about Trianco, the first time I rocked the boat when one of their supposed service engineers adjusted the burner incorrectly, I suddenly got an OFTEC inspector calling to do my 5 yearly inspection! If thats not the old boys network, what is!

Will keep you posted on the progress of this little baby! Tempting fate but I have not had any calls from the customer today or tonight! :confused:
To follow up my last post about the pile of S**T that Trianco call a boiler, our new boiler engineer said that he can't even keep his brother's Trianco running. Solution - GRANT BOILER. He said he's pulled out over a dozen Trianco boilers over the last year or so. Got a new Grant in June and waiting for the scrappie to uplift the Trianco. What an expensive mistake.

:!: So for all of you poor folks out there thinking that things will get better - give it up now before winter sets in :!: . But the best news of all - Trainco is BUST!! :D
Good things come to those that wait - I guess we weren't the only ones to drag them through court - all of those lawyer bills certainly do add up!!!
Good move, I only specify Grant boilers. Never had any problem with them and a dream to install. Good customer service and always willing to help, a flue bolt was missing on one and they sent the new one by courier next day!

Yes its good that Trianco are gone in a way, but just keep a thought for those good ones that always work in a bad company that now have no job, like a lot of others around the country.
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He must be Eddie Boulter the Second!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Hi boilerman 2

E.B. only went bust once! (1984) partially a result of trusting the wrong people! I was employed / joined Boulter to help sort things out.

Reading this thread demonstrates that perhaps Trianco had an arrogance / ignorance that can filter down through some organisations - all manufactures get problems b/sh***ing installers and engineers / customers who often have more hands on experience is frankly the beginning of the end - some would say in this case that happened many years ago! Just spare a thought for those stressed people in their technical support dept. - lacking the support of a good product & ultimately effective management.

Product problems are an opportunity - sort them out properly you gain customers. E.B./ Boulter / Camray product before the Company was taken over in the late 90's is evidence of that.

Appologies for the rant / sermon!

Sadly E.B. passed away in April.
Hi All,

On the same lines as the last Eurostar problem, I now have two other problems! Went out to see a couple of boilers installed in a reptile house at the zoo today! Both Trianco Iona HE 50/90. Both seem to be far to tightly baffled, to the point when you for the inspection door it seals one of the baffle ends with the cut outs on!

I am hoping that 'Oilhead' will come up trumps, I know you have had this problem before. The burners soot and are oily very quickly. Once serviced they are fine for a couple of days and then lock out again.

Trianco have been known on a couple of occasions at least, to take an angle grinder to these baffles and open them up! Anyone got any info on this, how much they cut off etc etc..

Also I noticed the baffles pictured in the book left with the boiler (I DID NOT INSTALL THEM!!) are nothing like the ones in the boiler!
There are 3 indentical (top 3) baffles all with cut outs on one edge, about 22mm long by 3-4mm wide (Seems tiny!). There is one bottom baffle that is different with two vertical bits of steel underneath, again the cuts are the same size at the back.

Any one else had these little devils???? :evil:
Hi Guys, my oil fired Trianco Eurostar 50/90 external boiler was locking out and I spoke to a service man who told me that there is a known issue with this type of boiler -- it needs a low air mixture. I had it set by a man with a meter and he set the air slide at 9.8, (max setting is 15). Boiler locked out regularly, sometimes on first start other times after cycling off and on. I set the air back to 5.3 and it doesn't smoke and doesn't lock out. One other curious point which I welcome some advice on is this ---- in order to assure proper firing I had to extract the photo cell about 1 cm from its holder and rotate it 20 degrees anti clockwise. With the low air setting at 5.3 and the photocell extracted slightly the boiler works great.
(tonight I pushed the photocell back in and the boiler locked out).
Any opinions would be welcomed.
I wrote to Trianco but got no reply!!!

Try fitting a new motor capacitor.
I think Trianco got stuffed by having to make a band A oil boiler. When I was there three years ago they did intimate they were having trouble reaching efficiency levels, and it seems they never got over their design problems.

Where I used to work we used loads of the old Eurostar non condensing combis, and whilst we had trouble now and again, as one does, they were mostly pretty good and popular.

I first heard the "Sulphur in Oil" thing ten years ago from Worcester Bosch when they had a centre at Mildenhall. What they said was that from time to time Jet Fuel (Kerosene) that went over its usage date for aircraft was fed into the domestic market, and because the additives made it burn blue the Photoelectric cells in boiler couldn't see the flame and locked out the boiler.

I hasten to add I have absolutely no idea if there is any validity in that theory whatsoever.


Speaking as an x aircraft engineer from 2004, you are probably correct about feeding out of date fuel back to the domestic market! The engine guys I used to work with were reported ;) to add a certain amount of AVTUR to their domestic oil tanks ie mix it so the burner still runs ok and they get a free top up every so often! BUT that does not mean quote me on it and fill your tanks with the stuff!
Just one last point, have you noticed any re-ignition during the boiler running times?

We have recently had a Trianco Contractor HE 110 installed, at a level higher than the tank, with the two pipe setup, a Tiger Loop etc. and after some early issues, it would run for approx. 48 hours with no problems, then lock out, get reset once or twice, then run for 48 hours, lock it won't reset after the lockout - it will fire, then run for 3-8 seconds then lock out. I've cleaned the photocell (it was black last time I took it out), cleaned the filter, taken the air intake hose off the flue and attached it to a separate hose to outside to elimiate combustion fumes returning to the burner, but did notice even with this setup, that when I took the hose off the air intake end, there was smoke coming out - which suggests it's coming from the air intake, not the flue...
I keep seeing references to the burner details leaflet, but don't have one and can't seem to find one. Can anyone tell me how to adjust the oil pump pressure and air settings please?

I've included the quote above, as the last time it worked, that is what was happening, it would run, burn, then you could hear the burner stop burning, but the air was still being drawn, then it would refire. I assume this is down to a flue issue - ours is beyond 1 meter, (it's 1.4 meters) low level. I've removed the tent shaped guard at the end of the terminal, to see if this prevents back pressure in the flue, but the length may be causing as issue into the burner, so I may put that back in today and see how I get on.

What I really need though, are the details of how to correctly set the oil and air settings, then clean it all out and try again. If not, then I'll be onto TR Engineering (Trianco's new owners) to get this burner replaced.

Thanks in advance.
You will need an oil pressure gauge, flue gas analyser and smoke pump to set up the burner as well as knowing how to use them properly. Best to get in someone who is skilled to do this as they will have their own kit as well as checking the flue. If you insist doing it yourself some of the details such as nozzle and oil pressure are usually on a plate within the boiler. Get these right and adjust the air to get zero smoke while not giving much excess air.
I, like others on here have problems with these boilers in the past and they may need baffles removing or altering before the burner can be set correctly.
Hi Stix - thanks for the quick reply. I've got it going again this morning, and just in time as it's freezing here. Looking over the info in this thread, and finding the info I needed, from Danfoss and Riello, to make the air adjustment and made an assumption for now on the oil pump pressure. I'll get my OFTEC mate over tomorrow to test properly, but needed it working today. I've also found the two positions for the photocell, changed it from the one it slots into normally (cell facing down) to the other (cell facing back) and it fired and stayed on. There is some smoke, but mostly due to burn off of soot from the baffles and flue, so that's reducing now.

So far, no lock out and it's been through two full cycles today - more than it's managed since Friday 4pm...I will continue to monitor.

Thanks again.

I agree with the above post, get someone in with all the kit! Sorry I am the other side of the country from you! Even if you have the burner details and the commissioning details etc you have not got a chance of setting the burner up correctly. Yes it may look like its burning better or correctly but trust us, you need the kit to get it perfect! Try and find some one over there that is recommended. Take a look at the Oftec website for registered engineers, I am not saying they are all great but you have comeback through Oftec if they dont do the job correctly.

I have/am dealing with two of these boilers in a zoo. I discovered that when the combustion/inspection door was fitted, the insulation on the rear almost completely blocked off the flow of flue gas! :confused:
Recently I modified the baffles on one ie removed another 15mm of steel so the boiler is not as tightly baffled. This made hardly any difference to the FGA readings but the boiler has now been running fine for at least two weeks, I havent had a phone call anyway! :D I am waiting a while before I do the other one, so as to prove the long term reliability of it!

Are you getting dirty photocell, wet oily blast tube head and a reasonable amount of soot covering the baffles? :?:


Do get it checked as the chances of setting the fuel pressure right without a gauge are about as good as winning the grand national. Also you may be burning more fuel than needed, damage the baffles and/or be producing high levels of carbon monoxide. Good luck. Stix.
had problems with a 125 eurotrader i installed, thought it might be the oil line
which the customer had the builder install, sure enough that was a disaster
but even after it was replaced still had lockouts . After constant callouts I remembered that upon first insstallation it had worked perfectly until i reallised that I,d fitted the wrong burner[I had 2 boilers the other one was
a 50-90] the difference between them being different blast tubes ,& I had no snags until I fitted the 125 burner. I had
access to another 50-90 so Ifitted that & no problems since,no sooting readings all satisfactory on the analyser

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