TRV with timer?

22 Sep 2005
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Preston, Lancashire
United Kingdom
Does anyone know of a TRV that comes fitted with its own timer?
My central heating is currently a combi boiler and a number of radiators fitted with TRVs. Now the timer on the combi brings on the heating at the desired times, but I'm looking to use a further timer on each radiator valve to limit the time the individual radiator comes on. For example, if I bring the heating on at 5am - 8am so it's warm when we get up; I'd only want the upstairs radiators to come on - there's no need to heat the downstairs rooms.
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Thanks guys, but I wasn't looking for a central control unit - and to be honest.... I wasn't looking to spend that kind of money. :eek:
I just want a TRV with a timer on it.
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I just want a TRV with a timer on it.
The only thing anything like it is the Honeywell HR80, which costs about £65 and requires the CMzone controller. Apart from that there is nothing on the market, unless you install zone valves with associated programmers/thermostats.

If you are trying to save money, which I presume is your objective, I would suggest changing your existing programmer and thermostat for an optimizing version, e.g Honeywell CM900 series. This will automatically adjust the boiler turn on time so the house reaches the required temperature when you get up/get back from work etc. It also give better control over the temperature, preventing over- and under-shoot.
Why not just turn down the downstairs TRVs before you go to bed so they dont heat up much in the morning?

That will cost nothing but give good gas savings!

I can never understand why people heat their homes in the morning just to have heat when you get up out of bed. Waste of energy IMO.
Especially if you are only there for a few minutes.
Nothing worse than heat in a bedroom. Give me a nice cool room any day.
But then Im a hardy Irish bloke used to scraping frost of the inside of the window in the morning just to see out. ;)
Rondostat! Uses the same motor and box as the Hometronic/`CM Zone HR80.


Not sold or supported by Honeywell in the UK. So you either learn German or take a chance.
Thanks Simon, that looks exactly what I was after. I think I'll have a trip to the plumbers merchants on Saturday and see if they laugh at me. ;)
Don't do that, they will dismiss you as barking. Saturday mornings are not a good time to stand in a queue of tradesmen asking for a product that isn't sold in the UK.

Your best bet is to buy from a web site based in Germany or look on the international ebay sites.

Let us know how you get on and how well it meets your requirements.
Or you could try one of these, from a UK company with technical help & details in English. Looks a bit bulky though, I suspect it could be easily damaged.[/QUOTE]

Thats a set back control. It doesn't provide on/off control.
If I was going down this route I would opt for the Danfoss.......

I'd only want the upstairs radiators to come on

S plan !. As someone mentioned earlier. ;)
Or better still leave your heating off in the morning and conserve fuel.

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