TV screen "misty moon"

20 Sep 2015
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United Kingdom
I have a Samsung 55" curved screen smart TV which is ~ 8 years old. Within the last couple of months a "misty moon" has appeared about 100mm from the left and the same down from the top of the screen. It's only about 20mm diameter but appears on live TV or recorded TV programmes and on terrestrial or "other" channels. It's not a reflection from a window or room light fitting. It doesn't move and is white and can reduce in effect based on the actual screen picture, i.e. the background. I have a Firestick and a freesat box connected but these have been in place for a couple of years, so I don't think they are linked to the picture screen anomaly. Good TV, otherwise, but is it self destructing after only 8 years or can it be something else ? Thanks for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, expertise, in advance.
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I get a similar effect from time to time on my PC, the edge of the screen has slight damage which seems to allow condensation to build up under the glass, it comes and goes according to the weather.
Thanks for your comments. However, my TV has no damage, so there is no risk of condensation ingress in the way you suggest.
Can you take a few photos of it varying with different backgrounds?
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Thanks. I got the location dimensions out a little. The moon spot is ~ 400mm from the left of the screen and ~ 200mm from the top of the screen. Looking forward to your comments. Pics attached


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Model number would possibly help / confirm the panel technology...

To me that looks like some local dimming backlights not dimming and washing out the image. May be a repairable connection issue or more likely not repairable.

Is 8 years a short life for what was a premium product. Probably.
I think if you get 8 years these days for a flat screen you count your chickens. At least that's been my experience.
I've had similar on screens over the time, sometimes permanent (caused by pressure damage) and sometimes temporary (comes and goes) caused by hot components in that particular location behind the screen
Have. Samsung 65” there are blue patches all over the screen and also white patches , started to appear when it was 4years old .
Repair not really viable according to my cousin (authorised Samsung repair engineer).
Thanks for all your comments. You have given me perspective on the issue. Looks like things are not meant to last. If it gets me to the January sales I will replace then. Thanks, again

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