Tv wall mounting help please

18 May 2014
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United Kingdom
Can anybody help me here please with a wall mounting issue

I,d like to mount either a 50" or 55"" led tv ,weights being 15 kg and 21kg respectively .
The wall mount would be either a standard tilt or a full articulating model ,their weights are roughly similar at 8kg and capable of supporting either tv .

My dilemma is that the tv needs to be fixed to a solid wood partition ,it's basically hiding an under stairs cupboard . The thickness is about 1inch but I can get to both sides of the wall easily enough
I guess my question is are there any considerations I need to make and do you fine people think it's going to be okay . I,m particularly worried about a 55"" 21kg tv extending out on the full articulating wall mount ,am I likely to have load bearing issues with it? Am I better of playing it safe with just the standard mount or am I likely to have trouble with this as well ?

Attached some pics to try and give an explanation if I,ve not done a good enough job !
All advice gratefully appreciated ,thank you
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Some stuff can be calculated, such as the torque from 21kg acting at the the end of the fully extended swing out bracket. Other stuff can be estimated, such as the additional strain from the force of manipulating the TV and bracket at full extension. From those data it's possible to spec the strength required for bolts and such.

It still leaves one big unknown though: that wooden wall.

It's possible to bolt through, then add some spars to spread the load across the wall. But if the wall itself moves then it doesn't matter how big the bolts are, there's trouble.

So, just how solid is the wall?
Thanks for replying ,I,d say it's fairly solid with no movement , the far right hand side of it is fixed to the stairs . This is an old terraced house listed and built about 400 years ago (it's heavy duty construction ,the stone walls are extremely thick ,no sound proofing required ),the entire wooden panelled wall is about 14ft x 7ft ,each panel/plank is about 9" wide ,i,m assuming its tongue and groove and hides a cupboard area under the stairs .
If I went the extended articulated route it would only be for the 50" tv 15kg in weight and I don't see myself using the full extension ,perhaps half way , but it's by no means a show stopper if I can't do it , the prime concern for me is

A) can I mount a tv on the wall and have sufficient confidence it will be ok ?
B) is it better to play it safe and go the 50" 15kg route instead of the 55" 21kg tv
C) what fixings would I need to do properly

Thank you
If the wall is made like a standard stud wall, and then overclad with Tongue & Groove boards...


...then, subject to the age and condition, it should be reasonable base to work from.

However, if what you've got is someone's 100yr old DIY job to "cover up that nasty hole under the stairs" and make it in to a useful storage space, then you might be looking at something that's fixed just at the top and the bottom. In that case I'd say you're going to need to add some strengthening.


For fixings I'd go with bolts and run them straight through the wall. It'll be a 2-person fix to tighten them. But then again you should probably have an extra pair of hands on site when you're doing this anyway. M8 or M10 of an appropriate length will be more than sufficient. 6 fixing points will be plenty - four across the top and two at the bottom; 8 if you're a bit anal about it looking the same top and bottom.

Add some penny washers to spread the bolt head and nut load either end. Finish off with some nylock nuts so that the bolts stay tight.
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That's great ,just what I need thank you ,I've had another look again and I reckon these are fixed to the upper floorboards ,there's no give whatsoever and no top baton . I think I,m going to just stick with a straightforward tilting bracket as we'll now ,makes sense

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