Urgent: Gas Cooker Installation Question.

Its bad here from time to time. Doing a boiler this week for a 50 something who is clearly going through the 'megaflow'. She is a moody bitch.
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Its bad here from time to time. Doing a boiler this week for a 50 something who is clearly going through the 'megaflow'. She is a moody bitch.

Ouch tough job, I remember when me mam went through that, the kitchen cupboards took a right bashing with all the slamming and throwing things about.

Se wasn't much better before :p or after come to think of it :unsure:

Where are you
Yeah, that is what I mean, i don't know that area to be honest.

From your post in the cc are you quitting the cc or being a gas fitter
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Thanks IronNaz. :)

OK so what if the guy he got was charging very low rates

Incredibly, given the responses, I didn't actually mention the price for the job, or even hint at it.

I'm starting my gas safe soon and its arsey responses on threads like this which drives me to get gas safe, and provide a reliable, trustworthy FRIENDLY service to the many thousands of customers out there.

Best of luck. From the lead times I've been waiting over the last year there's plenty of work around for the right people.
Ironnaz - Let's face it you are not much more than a trainee and therefore shouldn't be charging people anywhere near the going rate for practicing on there house.

Good luck with the gas!
if the plenty of work is for know all know nothings like you i would rather
cut off my privates with a rusty spoon we knew your price was low as soon as you mentioned checkatrade taking advantage of guys who would never have signed up to pay for "leads" if they had any other work on.

Right people :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

He is a clueless Cu.nt, end of, I'd like to see the centre where he passes if he is real, tw@ :rolleyes:

how rude of you. I'm not studying at a test center but at a local college, full time starting later in the year.
the prices you charge you will need to work for about 3 yrs just to pay for your full time course how you ( earning while your learning)when you are paying the same overheads as the rest of us pli gassafe training acs dont forget every 5 yrs pay yer money see how cheap you are then


we all make mistakes thats why they put rubbers on pencils
Considering the mess you have in your Album Naz I would be keeping a low profile still.

I hope your Douche is compliant with category 5 water?

And I don't know what you call this:

Jog on back to Check-a-Trade and come back when you have something.

As for the OP in this thread - not got much to say really. A few harsh replies yes, but then... Check-a-trade? Sword of Damocles? says it all.
Fook me, why didn't someone tell me all this was going on, give me a sec I'll have to read over the thread.

See you in a mo
It's bad from every point of view except the owners of Check-a-trade.

the Pro has to pay a silly fee to get a vague, biased, inaccurate, lead to a job he probably won't get because team Bosnia sleeping 15 to a room can do it for less. Or some dimwit like Naz who will do it for bobbins because either A) he still lives at home with 4 generations of his family and can compete with Team Bosnia. or (I suspect more likely) B) lives in a shlthole area and has a very low cost of living and also a very low expectation from his clients.

He will now doubt protest against this, but he has yet to prove otherwise with his contributions here.

What you rightly or wrongly believe you are getting from Check-a-trade and the ilk is not the vetted and "checked" tradesman. just someone desperate enough to pay for a contact/lead.

Frankly I would rather sweep the streets.

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