Using a wall switch to control sthg plugged in to a socket

27 Aug 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I've got some LED lights on top of a wardrobe in my bedroom. They plug in to a normal socket, and are controlled by a remote control device that lets you select the colour etc. I love them, but 99% of the time they are on warm white and I'd much rather just have a normal switch on the wall that turned them on and off. Is there an easy way to do this?

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They .. are controlled by a remote control device that lets you select the colour etc.
And it doesn't let you turn them on and off? That's a poor show.


1) Replace them with ones which have a remote that will turn them on and off. Might be worth finding out, if you can, from the maker/seller if a better remote can be had for the existing lights.

2) Get a plug-in remote controlled adapter.

3) Lengthen the cable and plug them into a socket you can reach.

4) Rewire part of the circuit so that the socket is supplied via a 20A switch or a switched FCU.
Thanks. The remote does let me turn them on and off, but as all I ever use the remote for is turning the lights on and off I'd much rather just have a normal wall switch to operate it. Not only would it make the lights feel a bit more "permanent", but it would also mean I could turn them on when I lose the remote (like now).

Thanks for the options. I think the last one is the closest to what I want really, but obviously it means a lot of upheaval.
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I would first check, that on power loss, the actual lights default to the last selected colour, otherwise any switch would be pointless.
Thanks all.

The lights do revert to their last setting if the power is turned off and then back on again. Those remote control switches look good and as I just need one I might go for it despite the cost.

EDIT: Just realised you need both units, which puts the cost at about £100. I think I'll just find a way to mount the remote control on the wall instead!

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