Utopia for Festive!

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Bishopess, so far.


Bishop of London
Apparently someone found it derogatory a few years ago and declared that with equality all performers should be known as actors, including females.
Err, that sounds sexist to me because males have always been actors, females have been known as actresses. To call both sexes actors is surely being sexist in favour of the male description?
I'll always call the males actors and the females actresses and for those who don't like it, TOUGH!
The oscars still have best actress award, or actress in a leading role.
Good enough for me to keep using both!
Whenever you see that word used on the net, you can expect it to be followed by something made up.

As expected....
And when we see JohnD or Notch as the poster it's normally contrived / on the very edge of sanity.
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