Vaillant Boiler.Egg timer symbol suddenly appeared?

12 Apr 2014
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United Kingdom
Hi folks.I have a Vaillant ecotec pro 28.Central heating is working and hot water is too but an egg timer symbol has appeared that was never there before?No settings have been changed.Does anyone know what this means please?
Also I have thermostatic valves on 3 of the radiators but I've noticed it doesn't seem to affect the temperature of the radiator.Even on number 1 it is full on?
Is there a specific way it should be set up?
I have the CH setting on boiler set to max(75)and I set the main thermostat at 21-22 degrees?
Any help with both questions would be much appreciated.
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Thanks Dan.
Is there anything that could have caused this to come in to play all of a sudden?
In 9 months,I have never seen that egg timer symbol?
Thank you.
Dan any advice regarding the radiator thermostatic valve settings please?
Set TRV's to where ever your ear gets bend the least by SWMBO.

In fact just chuck the heads out with the rubbish.

Egg timer is nothing to worry about. you just haven't noticed it before.
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Set TRV's to where ever your ear gets bend the least by SWMBO.

In fact just chuck the heads out with the rubbish.

Egg timer is nothing to worry about. you just haven't noticed it before.
Dan what is SWMBO?I don't know a thing about the workings of a boiler.I'm just en end user!
Is there a reason that the amount of heat coming from the radiators doesn't change between say one and dull on?By the way the boiler/radiators are only 9 months old.

The missus.

Trouble and Strife

Ball n Chain

Not sure what you mean here dude:
say one and dull on
Ah!I see.It's not like that with us.I please myself anyway mate :)
That was a typo I meant Full on(Typing too fast)Basically there isn't any noticable difference in heat regardless of where the thermostatic valves are set?
What dial are you turning, and does she have a sister?
Ha!She doesn't
Dan it's just the valve at the end of the radiators.There only is one on each.There's setting I II III IIII and full.Regardless of where they are set the heating comes on full.
I was told they are not meant to affect the temp of the water/radiator only the amount of air?
This doesn't make sense to me though?
Before getting the combi installed you could set the heating temp on the radiators individually and have say the one in the living room warmer and the one in the bedroom a bit cooler but these new ones don't seem to work like that?
I could of course turn the temp down from the boiler or the main thermostat but just want to get an idea of how best to run them both for efficiency and economically.
Once again any advice is much appreciated.
They are thermostatic valves and react to ambient air temperature.

The middle setting is usually around 20 degrees.

They should have an effect on surface temperature eventually but it depends on the size of the radiators in relation to the Heatloss of the room.

The boiler has direct control over the flow temperature to the radiators. Set that as low as is comfortable.
Hi folks,
Still getting this egg timer symbol flashing constantly?It definitely never used to flash like this before so not sure what's changed to cause this?
On a slightly different matter,I'm actually still getting used to how the combi boiler operates.I didn't get a demo/explanation(Probably because by the time they had finished installing it it was after 5pm after being there from 8am ish)
Anyway I've always had the CH set at max which is 75 degrees and have the external thermostat set at 21-22 in the winter(It's quite a cold draughty flat)
Is this the best/most efficient way to run it?
Any help is much appreciated.
Room thermostat needs to be set at whatever gives you least earache as mentioned before.

The heating dial on the boiler needs to be set as low as it can be to achieve the room temperature as per the room stat.

Don't worry about the egg timer unless one or both of the above are not satisfied.

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