Vaillant Boiler.Egg timer symbol suddenly appeared?

Room thermostat needs to be set at whatever gives you least earache as mentioned before.

The heating dial on the boiler needs to be set as low as it can be to achieve the room temperature as per the room stat.

Don't worry about the egg timer unless one or both of the above are not satisfied.
Dan sorry if these questions sound a bit "dumb" but after years of having a more simpler but old back boiler/gas fire set up it is a bit more confusing to someone like myself who doesn't know the fist thing about plumbing or the likes.
So when it's cold like it is now,where would you have these settings set?
It just has to be warm not boiling hot.
If as I say the room stat is set to 21-22ish does the CH setting on the boiler have to be up full at 75?
Sorry if I'm repeating myself.
I'm trying to work out how best to have the house/room warm without wasting gas as I was using nearly £3 a day just to heat one room(and a tiny hall where the room stat is and the radiator does't have a thermostatic valve so can't be turned off)
Man I preferred the simplicity of the old set up :)
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The odl set up was exactly the same though - just without a fancy display.

As far as your concerned at the moment anyway.

Are YOU comfortable at 21 - 22? If yes. Rock on.

Does the system get you comfy quickly enough at 75?

If yes. Notch it down a little and see how you go.

If the answer is still yes, knock it down a little more until you are no longer comfortable.

What the actual numbers are is dependant entirely on the household's metabolism and the nature of the building. Both of which i can't answer from behind a keyboard.
Thanks Dan.
I suppose what I'm getting at is would I be better having the room stat up higher and the CH setting on the boiler down or just leave it as it is with the room sat at 21-22-23 and the CH on the boiler up full
What makes more sense economically to have a nice warm room/house?
Last question.I promise!
To keep my room warm I have to have the heating on constantly.It's a nuisance.
The windows in here are so draughty it's unbelievable.
The boiler is constantly firing up.Cooling down and then firing up again.
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Change the room stat for a CM907, or even one of the clever Bunny ones - although you need a degree in astrophysics to operate them.

Any thermostat with "optimasation" will help.

Your room thermostat is the device that saves you most money. A switch off boiler is the most efficient. this is what The stat does to stop over heating.

The boiler dial is set at whatever achieves the room stat's aims the most efficiently.

Like I said - start at 75 and work down.

But if you are going to change the thermostat, change it first and play later.

Look up the CM907 on this site as it has been covered zillions of times.

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