Vaillant - Warranty duration.

15 Sep 2013
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United Kingdom
Maybe a question for a Heating Engineer to clarify

Just had a 831 combi fitted before xmas, replacing an aged gravity system.

The original quote for installation shows the boiler having 7yrs warranty - However, having received the paperwork from Vaillant themselves - they are only supplying a 5yr warranty.

A bit of further digging shows the installer has to be a "Vaillant advance" installer to gain the extra two years.
Now the company who installed mine are listed on the Vaillant website but dont have the advance logo next to their name.

Is it a case of the advance cert having lapsed? - or could it be something more sinister?

Furthermore - what should i do about it? - the warranty was a deciding factor considering the WB boilers give 7/8 years... I cant say im too chuffed if i only get 5yrs.
I havent contacted Vaillant or the installers yet.

Thanks in advance.
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AFAIK the Advance doesn't lapse, your installer just needs to be registered on the scheme. It's possible that they have been installing Vaillants for a long time and are still on the old scheme (which originally allowed installers to give a five year warranty on a three year warranty boiler). If that's the case, you'll only have a five year warranty and there probably isn't an awful lot you can do about it, other than maybe hope that the installers will honour the last two years of the warranty themselves.

Warranty isn't everything though - I'd take a Vaillant with a five year warranty over a WB with a seven year warranty any day of the week
hhhmm interesting - I am Vaillant advanced yet I don't even appear when I put my own postcode in their website.

So I would take their sayso and backoffice admin with a pinch of salt.

Let your installer know as they may be getting short changed by Vaillant as well as you.
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hhhmm interesting - I am Vaillant advanced yet I don't even appear when I put my own postcode in their website.

Interesting you say this because a few installers were saying they have the same problem on the Vaillant Facebook page..
long warranties Hmmm

A lot of these 6 ,7, 8, 10, & in some cases 15 year warranties , probably will not amount to a bag of beans any way (maybe ?)

There will be trouble ahead for many ;)

Advanced installers ?? & other manus schemes ? Hmmm ? :)
Well I am not a huge Bunny installer, so will hold fire on my criticism until I hear back from the Warren,

I knew they HAD problems but thought they had been fixed by now.

I agree with Transam.... at least with regards the likes of Ideal and Ferroli who have form. Long warranties are nothing more than a marketing exercise and a game of numbers.
Dan I have explained in the cc how the website works mate,

David 937 the website "find an installer" section has changed within the last week, to appear on there you need to have registered 6 unit fit's in the last rolling 12 month's otherwise you do not appear,

for the OP i would get in touch with your contractor and ask them to chase it up, I am sure everything can be sorted out.

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