Veritas 8c Compact

10 Dec 2008
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United Kingdom
My veritas 8c alarm panel keeps beeping (8 beeps) since we had a power cut/surge

- zone 7 & 8 lights are on
- installed new battery
- replaced both fuses

any ideas?


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That indicates zones 7 and 8 are active normally.

So what’s on zones 7 and 8?
If you link them out do zones 7 and 8 go out?
I dont have a zone 7 & 8!


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did the system default?
check the zone disable suit option (48 or 50 menu i think need to check manual) and check 7 and 8 are programmed off, if available on your panel.
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Tried to disable zones 7 & 8 but dont think it worked and also not sure what the original code would have been "0000"?
search for the manual online if programming.

Tried wha?
Why do think it’s not working?
OK so I managed to reset the panel by pressing the tamper spring 3 times and entering code 4321.. This resets the alarm.. However when I now try to set the alarm the beeping comes back and zones 2, 7&8 light up! I tried omitting them but that doesn't work... I conducted a walk around test and all zo es were fine apart from 2 so how do I fix the sensor?
So when you try to set the alarm now zones 7 and 8 no longer light up?

Programming would be done with engineers code
engineers code (default is 1234) press prog, press 48 what lights up?

when you say you cant omit them what process were you following?
also same for menu 50 if available.

zone disabled suite 48 says which zones are to be ignored and full set suite 50 is zones to work in full set.

so & and 8 if not linked out should be turned off in 48 and or 50.

58 manual omit suite if available will allow zones to be omitted so be worth to know what is in there also.
The default would be 1 not omitted 2-8 omitted. As zone 1 should be the entry zone and your not supposed to omit the entry zone.
engineers code (default is 1234) press prog, press 48 what lights up?

when you say you cant omit them what process were you following?
Nothing happens... But now only 7 & 8 are on red when alarm is set

I follwe the attached instructions when trying to omit


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agree easiest way is to link zones out 7 & 8

however this has only changed since power cut.
so trying to work what’s programmed, as if it was never linked out before, then it must have been programmed off originally.

so panel at some point must have defaulted, but unsure if it’s been defaulted by user before or after seeking help here.

they are looking at user manual not installation manual So not going to get far programming

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