Veritas alarm issue

5 May 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi there we have a veritas alarm and a backup battery that is shot so when we have a power cut the alarm kicks off almost straight away. We live with that. Am I right in thinking that if we remove the backup battery this would not make any difference ie it would not stop it ringing.

Anyway I digress. Today we had the smart meter engineer here and he had to turn the electricity off so the alarm went off, no problem. When he turned it back on it went off, all good but now the outside light is flashing white very quickly and the keypad is not responding as normal, instead of beeping quickly as you type the code in, it gives a longish beep for every key you press. There are no lights showing on the control panel but it is back-lit. In addition the main power unit for it has a single green light which is also flashing. Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to stop the light flashing? Thanks in advance.
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Is the faulty battery still connected…? Remove it ,
Yes it is, but removing it doesn't make any difference, the alarm sets off when I take the panel cover off and removing the battery doesn't do anything. There's definitely something odd with the keypad though, it just doesn't respond as normal when you press the keys. The neighbours are gonna love this white light flashing all night, I'm totally out of ideas what to do!
No ….it’s stalled because you didn’t replace the battery ….whether the panel is still ok is anyone’s guess without a meter to test the battery output from the panel , spending £15 on a battery every 5 years would have saved a lot of hassle
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OK I get that but it's done this several times before and I've always been able to reset the system. I've just taken the cover off again and this time the alarm didn't even start going! I can get a new battery tomorrow but I'm not sure that will make a difference as the keypad still won't allow me to reset. Very odd. Thanks for your help though.
You will have to totally down power , battery and mains for 30secs then re power …don’t refit faulty battery , it may have gone back to 4321 default code if your code doesn’t work ..
Yay it works after switching off at mains and back on again, although I've done that at least 5 times today without any luck, for some reason on this occasion everything burst back into life and I was able to reset and stop the flashing light on the outside siren.
Many thanks for your help.

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