Video Doorbell Without wifi or internet

1 Jun 2016
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United Kingdom
Hello, I'm looking for advice on what is available. I'm looking for something that will allow to see who is at my front door when someone knocks on it.

I currently do not have a doorbell, although there was one previously, or an alarm, or any kind of cctv.

I tried the ring door cam and was very disappointed, there were problems with the ring not receiving a strong enough signal and the app not working well with my mobile phone.

I live alone in a small flat. I am currently bed bound so do not need to be able to see who rings when I'm out. I need to see clearly and reliably who is there as soon as they knock (or ring) before I open the door with my fob controlled lock/door opener

After reading about problems with other smart doorbells, I'm looking for a system that does not rely on wifi, the internet or smartphones. However I want something with a handheld monitor so when I do leave my bed I can take it with me.

I don't currently have a telephone in the flat, there is a landline, so I'd be getting a new landline handset anyway. What seems ideal would be a cordless phone with video capabilities for the landline that communicated directly with a video doorbell, but I can't find such a system? Do they exist? Are there alternatives? Thank you in advance for any help you can give and please bare in mind I am new to this and do not have a working knowledge of the current technologies involved.
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Not sure, there is a perfect fit for you.

ie doesn't use wifi/ wireless coms or internet

There are some I have seen that have a handset, but the picture quality doesn't appear to be very good (quoted resolution) and never used them, so the say wireless coms to the hand set but don't say what they are.

probably best to get some local firms to come out and have a look at whats needed and what compromises if any you are willing to live with.
I looked at the optex ivision + for a job ....depends on price as another contractor was fitting some cheap eBay unit ....but they kept failing after a few months ....
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thank you both very much. the Aiphone looks like the kind of thing I had in mind, and is described as 'freakishly reliable, which is exactly what I'm after, but I'm guessing video quality wouldn't be super great, and the area that you view might be limited, but if the reliability is as good as they claim those 2 factors might not be so important
Assuming that it's a small flat, you could get a wired camera and send it to several TVs? It would be more expensive to install but save lugging a monitor?
Assuming that it's a small flat, you could get a wired camera and send it to several TVs? It would be more expensive to install but save lugging a monitor?

mmm, I'm still mulling this over. I don't think it would work for me. The flat is a small one bed with a descent sized kitchen and a tiny box room. It has a long narrow hallway. I'm a full-time wheelchair user. I use a manual chair. I get spasms in my hands and experience muscle fatigue, and I can get stuck in one position. I can't turn by twisting my body, so even if I was close to the tv if I wasn't facing it, I could be stuck unable to see it for a good few minutes.

Right now I carry my mobile with me whenever I leave the bed, in case of emergencies that can't be answered by the community alarm. So as long as the monitor wasn't too much bigger than that I'm already doing that

I'll keep mulling, there might be a way to make it work

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