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29 Jun 2011
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United Kingdom
I am planning a cctv system for my home. I have DVR that has a vga and composite output. I would like to be able to view the cctv footage on two televisions in my house.
Can anyone advise what cables/connections are best for this.

I have been looking around the web and see some people talk about using a bnc cable, when i search for that I see it has two connections at either end (red and yellow).
Does anyone know how this would work with the composite output, ie,e which connection goes into comp out?
Also if I want to view the fottage on two tv's, what kind of amp would i need between the DVR and the tv's? I see there is a UHF modulator for connecting a DVR to a TV but dont see what is required to connect to multiple TV's

Apologies if this is basic stuff, I am trying to get to t grips with it.
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You can use a uhf modulator , but I don't recommend it anymore due to the digital mux signals being all over the band . Either run a coax rg59 or a cat 5 ( you will need baluns ) to each tv as long as your tv has a free composite or scart connector . You will then need either a small video splitter or you may get away with a bnc t connector . If you go down the cat 5 and balun route it may be easier as basic tools ( small screwdriver ) is all that is needed plus a bnc to phono connector
Hi sparky
thanks for that. I'm going to get an amp to send sky around the home - coax has bee nrun for that but not connected. is there a way of sending the cctv over the same coax that will be used for sending sky or is there an issue with channel numbers ?
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thanks sparky, so dvr ->uhf mod-> loftbox which can then be used to distribute cctv over existing coax which is also used for distributing sky?

If so this would be good as it would save me running any more cables as the modulator will be sited next to the loft box.

Hopw are the channels kept sepaarte for sky/cctv?

Also didnt realise the product was actually called 'loftbox' though this was just a name for the kind of device i needed!

nice one thanks, thats saved me quite a bit of work, i was originally thinking that i might have to run a separate cable to the tv's.

is it an issue that sky cables will go to sky box then rf2 will go into uhf, only other input will be cctv (via mod). i.e. no aerial/tv signal direct into loft box.
Dont intend on connecting up terrestrial aerial tbh as will just use sky channels.
thanks sparky, decent advice fella. Just been looking at the labgear HDU, looks decent enough.
Also looking for an ezmod equivalent as all the refernces i see to it are US related.
Take a look at this on ebay. 301578087344 DONT buy cheap unbranded or ones with switches on for the settings, also Google proception modulator..

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