vokera boiler, no heat upstairs ,fine downstairs

15 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
hi hope someone can help, i have vokera linea 24e, heat in all downstairs
no heat in any radiators upstairs,tried bleeding them,,
boiler is downstairs , when i turn off all downstairs radiators the boiler shuts off, im thinking pump, any thoughts.

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if your pump was not running you would not get any heat to any rads,
the boiler would fire, fire for 3/4 secs
and you would hear a banging/kettling sound
sound like you have a system problem,boiler sounds ok

rads not working: do they have trvs, are all valves open, any zone valves on system, all heating controls requesting heat?
i would doubt there is motorized valve dividing both ? its a full open circuit going round all radiators then back to combi. all valves are open on all rads, no zonal valves there was heat on all recently then bathroom stopped getting heat now both bedrooms stopped getting heat, all upstairs, could it be a blockage upsrairs
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wats your system pressure? 1-1.5bar if its ok then drain down the system and repressurise ruling out a blockage. vent rads n check u have that 1-1.5 bar in the sytem again if u have the same problem id change the pump might be on its last legs n not have enough power to pump upstairs.
that was my thoughts,,,1.5 bar system pressure already drained and repressured to 1.5 bar ,seems like pump,,where is best place to get one in glasgow anyone, if its needed.

As mentioned already, problem external to boiler. Is HW working?
yes everything is working perfectly apart from upstairs rads,, so not pump then ,,goodee
trying to help....
you said all ok, then bathroom rad stopped working, then 2 bedroom rads stopped working.
do these rads have trvs on them. if so, remove head see wot happens.
any work done on your system recently/at all.
system could need balanced
no work done on my system for ages, they do all have trvs, not sure what you mean remove heads? trvs are always left fully open, can 1 trv fault cause all 3 rads to stop working, or would a blockage cause it , what would best remedy be for a blockage
hi lads stripped off all 3 rads upstairs, put on 2 new trvs drained system cleaned out rads reassembled refilled system,,exact same problem a tiny bit of heat on 1 rad upstairs all 3 downstairs work fine, tried turning all 3 downstairs off to try pushing heat through, but motor cuts out after 20 secs? works fine again when reopen downstairs rads? any fresh ideas really stuck on this one..
could be the divertor valve is stuck allowing some of the flow to circulate around the secondary plate heat ex ?
so how would the best way to check if this could be the problem/? checked pump its spinning fine on all 3 speeds..
Is there an old anti-gravity valve left in situ from original boiler and it's now seized up.

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