vokera compact 24 se no pressure

27 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi I have a Vokera Compact 24 se and the pressure gauge is at 0 and we have no hot water.

From what I've seen in other posts I need to refill the boiler, but can't locate the filling valve connections? The red light is coming on after a couple of minutes after the boiler is switched on.

Assuming I'm missing something simple, I'll stick a picture up of the pipes leading from the boiler

thanks for any help!
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Lower down on the pipework, is there a braided silver hose?
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So is this something the engineer hasn't installed? There look like there's a space for a connection between two pipes (the pipe with the yellow connection and the one to the right of it) but one end is connected to my washing machine?

Thanks for your help!
The grey pipe leads to my washing machine and leads to the pipe to the right of the pipe with te black stopcock

The pipe with the red valve in this image leads to the pipe yo the left of the stopcock
Ok, so, you need to trace the two pipe lines that come out of the very left hane side of the boiler, 22mm central heating pipework. This should have a T off of it, either the flow or return pipework. The pipe that comes out of the very right of the boiler is the Domestic cold water in pipework. There should be a way of connecting these pipes together via a filling loop, with valves either side and a double check valve on the central heating side.

You need to find the connection on the side of the 22mm pipe.

Do you have a tank in the loft?
So the pipe from the far left hand side has a T that goes under my sink and leads to this
The pipe with the stopcock on the right hand side of the boiler leads to a grey hose that is connected to the back of my washing machine?

Sorry I feel like there's something I'm just not getting here, but your help is fantastic
Looks like we are getting somewhere. :)

What is the pipe that the blue hose goes into? Trace that pipe!

You say you traced the pipe that goes from the far left of the boiler to the T piece shown in the picture, just double check that it does indeed reduce down to 15mm pipework.
Yep the far left pipe has a T that you just out of shot in the picture of the pipes under the work surface

This leads to the lowest connection on the above picture, and connects to the blue pipe

The blue pipe reaches a T, one side goes to the Taps on the sink and th other leads behind the sink
Ok, see the blue turn key on the valve off the T-piece?

I would turn that open (it only turns quarter of a turn so we dont use alot of force)

the pressure gauge on the boiler should be watched at the same time to make sure it starts rising.

all this should be done slowly and shuting the valve if it isn't raising the pressure.

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