Wanted - Johnson & Starley J25-32 Warm Air Heater.

6 Aug 2011
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United Kingdom
I am in need of a used possibly working Johnson & Starley J25-32 the conventional Warm Air heating unit, (Mk 1) As long as the unit is in good servicable condition, all its front facias and panels and filter tray are in a reasonable condition, and in a servicable condition. As close to London as pos. I need this in a property in Harlow, Essex.

The secondary water heater does not have to be working, as tyhe water is being heated by electrical emersion heater only.

Please excuse me if this post is in a wrong section.
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Thanks Gas112, shame the guy has a Hi spec one, which means if I went for that, my qualified warm air fitter will have to alter everyting, the duct work, the flue, and then the cupboard it is housed in is lined up in asbestoss! so it is not the easiest of the options sadly, if he was local within about say 25-50 miles radius, I could have gone to have a look at it with my fitter to see how it could fit without too much alterations to ducting and flue etc.

I will probably PM the guy who is selling his hi spec J25, and see how much he wants and whether he can courier it to London.

But still if I can grab the conventional unit it would be a direct replacement.
Why does yours need to be completely replaced ???
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good question! lol !

It overheated as its safety over-temperature cutout failed to trip in when its fan switch faltered, the fan itself works fine, but failed to come on because the switch that trips on sensing heat failed to come on to trip the fan on, only last April it was serviced by a qualified Warm Air expert, who amongst all things must test its overheat function by disconnecting the fan and the unit should trip off due to heat build up.

He issues the landlord's safety certificate.

Its now been condemned and sealed off for safety reasons.

The heat build up has caused the front thermo-plastic parts to literally melt! My fitter cannot get the cosmetic parts, he can replace the new cutout and the fan switch, and the Honeywell gas valve control, as he suggested changing that in case the heat may hace caused some damage to it rubber parts inside, its been sealed off for now and the occupants are not using any gas heating, and have been provided with temporary electrical fan heaters.
Looking after an elderly relative's property does not make me a Landlord! but with a bit of luck may be I will become one when the gentelman finally abodes for heaven permanently. In his final will it shall be so written!

I came to his rescue 10 years ago, when he was being ripped off left right and centre not only by his agent, but every trader on the earth you can think of, from a roofer to a gardner, from tenants to letteings agents, from bankers to mortgage lenders, imposing unrealistic fines on him when his rent was paid late and his re-payments were not made in time, so I got rid of most of them, and now I control strictly who can get in that premises and who can fix what and for how much, no more **** takers allowed!

Besides, I know where you are coming from, as I hold many skills, I am in a lot of demand by friends and neighbours, who don't really like to pay what a professional would charge, for example i had to clear someone's bath sink, the blockage was deep down the pipe, and so took me well over a couple of hours to get to it, and clear it up, and the guy slipped me a tenner! That was most shocking experience!
This is probably a year too late, mikefromlondon, but I have a friend in Gloucester who is about to have a J&S 32 replaced with a wet central heating system. She got a grant to have it fully refurbished about six years ago but has hardly used it (and didn't use it much before either, because she doesn't like it!). Any good?
God really does exist! This is your first Post, he just answered my prayer, though he took his time didn't he, but he does answer one's prayers!

but.....thanks bud

I smell a big bad rat here!


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