Wedge gasket replacement damaging foil tape on DGU

7 Nov 2018
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United Kingdom
First post! I've searched the forum but not found a similar problem.

I'm replacing internal wedge gasket that has shrunk in a conservatory (big temperature differences I guess). When I insert the new gasket it crushes the edge of the aluminium foil tape around the DGU. The new gasket isn't identical to the old one but fits snuggly but even if I put back the old gasket it does the same. Both old and new are corded.

I thought the way to replace wedge gasket was to replace one side at a time to keep the DGU in place but now I'm thinking I should take out the DGU (by using scraper/pallet knife on the frame the other side), fit the new wedge gasket and replace the DGU and frame but that's a real faff. What am I doing wrong? The outside frame has a welded seal/gasket, if it helps.

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I cant quite picture what you mean feel free to post some pics.
The ali tape around the units is handling tape to stop you cutting your hands, It doesn't make any real difference if its damaged.
Doesn't sound as though you are doing anything wrong, tape around the DGU is there for handling purposes, once fitted it serves no real purpose so doesn't matter if the wedge pushes it. Good that your using corded, uncorded can stretch when pushing it in so when it shrinks back leaves gaps in the corners, corded stops you stretching it, 2 ways to fit wedge - either in 4 pieces or in one and putting a nick in the back through the cord and folding it, for both always try and cut about a 1cm longer than you need, push into both corners and the work towards the middle forcing in the last bump
Thanks, it's good to know it won't damage the DGU and mist up all the windows.

I'll post some pics tomorrow (need some light and warmth in there). Basically, if you take out the wedge gasket and put it back in it pushes the edge of the ali tape towards the edge of the DGU.
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Really helpful, thanks. I'll try nicking the cord method first and fit as one piece because it should help to prevent gaps in the corners. Would you put the join in one of the top corners or middle of the top section? It's pretty deep wedge, 5mm so I may end up having to mitre the corners but either way I'll cut long.

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