What are you watching on TV right now?

I think I heard that they’ve laid out half a billion dollars to put this first Las Vegas F1 on and it’s going to be a real money spinner in the future. It just can’t be allowed to fall at the first hurdle! Anyway, FP2 is back on for a 10.00 start (U.K. time) but I’ve got to go to work today. I was hoping to see it before I went. Bugger!
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India v Australia cricket World Cup Final:

Aussies put 'em in on a slow wicket, 128-3, halfway through their innings .

Superb catch to take out Rohit, just as he was getting into the swing of things. But Kohli's steadied the ship.
the best laid plans...

Kohli tries to dab one down to deep third for an easy single but gets an edge on to his stumps and Pat Cummins roars in delight - and you could certainly hear that one. Kohli stands still, stunned, at the sheer audacity of Cummins to get him out.

Maybe he's thinking of pulling a 'Grace' and putting the bails back on himself. :LOL:


Need to keep that run rate under six an over.
I'm a celebrity - get me out of here!

Nigel Farage is on there - come on lads, get voting to keep Nigel in, he should be king of the jungle.
For your eyes only. I’d forgotten how crap Roger Moore was as Bond. Film plots and general acting was quite dire too.
.Watching Richard Osman's House of Games and the 2nd round asked "how many lighthouses are there in Scotland?"
Three of 'em said 12; one says 45...and i reckoned 202.

Guess who was right.:cool:
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