What have you bought today?

If you have 5 mins to kill, Google 'First Tier Tribunal Scotland' and check the Google reviews. This'll give you an idea what it's like up here now if you need to evict. If Labour get in down south, things for private landlords might start to go from bad to worse for you guys.
Actually it'll get worse for bad landlords (y)
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Bought a tub of yogurt from Lidl. After comparing it with Aldi's, it was much better, so I looked on the side for the maker.


Unusual to see a speeling mistake like that.
Bought a summer waterproof coat for Mrs Mottie from Seasalt. Used her NHS blue light card to get a decent discount. Got 35% off and saved £52:50 :giggle: :cool:
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Actually it'll get worse for bad landlords (y)
Wrong. If it becomes anything like it is up here, it'll be worse for all legitimate landlords. The bad ones who fly below the radar, don't register etc will continue to do so.

I'd class myself as a good landlord, however thanks to the system up here, I've had tenants who haven't paid rent/arrears for 10 of the last 11 months. Think about that, almost a year of paying me nothing. The body set up to independently review eviction applications advised even if eviction was approved, it most likely wouldn't be enforceable for up to 6 months. Meaning my tenants could theoretically have remained in the property for 17 months (assuming eviction was approved now) having only paid rent/arrears for 1 of those months.

If you fall into the bracket of thinking 'fair enough' that tells me all I need to know about how you view landlords ;) in which case I won't enter forum ping pong with you cause we'll never agree.

EDIT: when they moved in, the property was in good order, new carpets, new appliances etc. Now they've left and I eventually got in to assess its condition, the property needs a complete refurb and all appliances replaced. The place is disgusting.

But hey ho, it's always the landlords fault, never the tenants.
Need new trousers for working so a pair of cargo pants was required: elasticated waist, deep pockets, fore and aft, baggy fit and so comfy i think i'll get another pair. Only £25. Deal o' the day.(y)

(Yes, i have 'Baggy Trousers'. Cue the music.:mrgreen:)
Have you got a link?

I need big pockets and a wide ankle to get over my splinty thing and always looking for decently priced troos.
A moisture detector for seeing how my cut logs for turning are drying out.
And there was me thinking you just sit at the PC all day, in yer grippers :ROFLMAO:
Lol. I’m reading this in just my pants having just got back from a dog walk. Boots and hiking pants covered in mud so I blasted them, the dogs and my boots with my Karcher and just stepped out of them at the back door. I’ll put some tracky bottoms on before Mrs Mottie gets home.
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