What's a ballpark figure to resolve the issues on this home buyer's survey?

15 May 2019
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United Kingdom

I'm in the middle of a purchase of a 1989 2 bedroom terraced house in bury park in Luton. We have agreed £7,000 above zoopla's price estimate but I've just got the below report and was wondering if I should be asking for a reduction to pay for these repairs. I read online that evidence of mouse should lead to an request of a reduction of 9%. I am meeting the owner on Saturday.

I'm not a chancer just looking to get things cheaper, I just want to know what I'm getting myself into.

Here is some of the report. The stuff I have missed out are minor things I can resolve easily (flooring age that I was aware of etc). The surveyor has not responded to my email yet.

Thanks for any assistance.

Defects that are serious and/or need to be repaired, replaced or investigated urgently:
E 3 Rainwater Pipes and Gutters
Defects that need repairing or replacing but are not considered to be either serious or urgent.
The property must be maintained in the normal way:
E 2 Roof Covering
E 4 Main Walls
E 5 Windows
E 6 Outiside Doors
E 7 Conservatories & Porches
E 8 Other Joinery and Finishes
E 9 Other
F 1 Roof Structure
F 2 Ceilings
F 3 Walls & Partitions
F 4 Floors
F 5 Fireplaces, Chimney Breasts and Flues
F 6 Built In Fittings
F 7 Woodwork
F 8 Bathroom Fittings
F 9 Other
G 1 Electricity

The main roof is pitched and covered with tiles which are in a reasonable condition for their
age. They are beginning to be covered with moss and lichen growth which is typical of tiles
of this age and character.
The ridge coverings are formed with matching materials bedded and pointed in cement
mortar. They are satisfactory for their purpose although hairline cracks exist which should
be repaired.
We recommend for all junctions and abutments to be routinely checked and overhauled as
part of routine maintenance. Flashings must be properly wedged and pointed in order to
ensure that they are fully secured into the masonry above the roof covering. Flashings
should be bedded at least 25mm into the appropriate mortar joint and lead wedges should
generally be provided at approximately 450mm centres in order to ensure that the flashings
are properly secured.
Condition of the roof is reasonably satisfactory apart from localised moss. The moss will
need to be removed.
The soil and vent pipe terminating the rear roof slope appears satisfactory and serviceable
although the collar will need to be maintained on a regular basis.
Condition of the roof to the front elevation is reasonably satisfactory.
The roof above the entrance porch is leanto
and tiled. We noted slipped and lifting roof
tiles. Make good repairs as deemed necessary.
The property is served by brown plastic rainwater goods consisting of down pipes and
gutters. General condition was seen to be satisfactory, although we noted stained sections
to the gutter joints and it will be prudent for all gutter joints to be routinely inspected and
overhauled as part of routine maintenance.
We noted stained gutter and downpipe joints and recommend resealing all joints as part of
normal routine maintenance to the property.
We noted the alignment of the gutters is a little irregular and some adjustment in the future
prior to decoration would be beneficial. The gutters should be adjusted, refalled and the
joints checked to confirm the adequacy of the installation.
You should check gutters and downpipes during wet weather shortly after occupation. If
any leakage is observed, repairs and improvements should be undertaken as soon as
possible to prevent rainwater entering the building.
Evidence of distortion was noted to the guttering to the entrance porch. This will need to be
adjusted, cleaned and sealed.
The valley gutter to the front elevation is formed in bituminous membrane. We noticed
some debris. We recommend for the valley to be cleaned, sealed and adjusted.
We noted foliage blockage to the rear. We recommend for the guttering joints to be sealed
and cleaned.
We noted spalled sections on the pointing and we recommend for the spalled sections to

be repaired. We recommend for the spalled section to be cut out and repaired. The cement pointing is generally satisfactory, although localised cracked sections to

pointing exist and it would be prudent for the cracked pointing to be repaired as part of

routine maintenance.

We noted a number of rawl plugs drilled into the brickwork. The rawl plugs will need to be

removed, fill the holes and make good.

We noted damaged brick to the right hand side of the bedroom window.

We noted cracked mortar above the window lintel.

We noted localised hairline cracks to pointing.

Where the entrance porch flashing abuts onto the wall we noted cracked pointing.

We noted damage to the facing of the brickwork where an overflow pipe terminates

We noted hairine cracks to pointing.

Cracked mortar was noted beneath the window sill.

We noted staining on the brickwork and mortar joints to the right hand side of the bedroom


The windows are stained. Some of the seals are beginning to blow and deteriorate. We

recommend for the seals to be overhauled and made good.

The property benefits from an entrance porch with a leanto and tiled roof.

We noted slipped tiles and undulation to the roof slope. Make good repairs to the slipped

and damaged roof tiles as deemed necessary.

The timber panel exhibits rotten sections.

We noted cracked sealant where the timber porch abuts onto the wall. We recommend for

this to be sealed.

External joinery comprises timber fascia and soffitboards and timber to the front eaves

section. We noted rotten and damaged sections to the front elevation above the bedroom

window. We recommend for this to be repaired and made good. We noted evidence of dry

rot and woodboring infested sections.

The general condition of external joinery is satisfactory however you should envisaged

future maintenance ideally every 4 to 5 years.

You may find soft patches of wet rotted timber in the external woodwork and joinery when

you redecorate. These should be repaired and redecorated to protect surrounding timber on

your normal decoration cycle.

We noted a water tank which might be leaking due to the damage noted on the bedroom

ceiling below. We recommend for this to be checked and made good.

We noted evidence of mouse poison. Make further enquiries in this regard.

We noted a soil and vent pipe terminating the roof. There is a gap between the blockwork

which will need to be repaired and made good.

We noted damage to the loft trap. Make good repairs.

There is evidence of stained timber sections and we recommend for all the roof junctions to

be overhauled to ensure the roof junctions are completely weather tight.

The masonry block work was satisfactory although we noted cracked pointing and

recommend for this to be repaired.

Generally, the plaster to the walls in the property is in a satisfactory condition; however, we

noted localised areas are hollow. The hollow and loose areas will need cutting back and repaired.

Kitchen mould was noted around the door reveal to the top and bottom section.

At the time of our inspection there was evidence of condensation and mould in the property

and recommend for the mould to be removed utilising a suitable chemical solution and for

adequate ventilation to be maintained. We noted mould on some of the reveals.

We noted cracked air vent to the rear elevation.

We noted cracked air vents beneath the porch door to the front elevation.
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The moss will
need to be removed.

Need? Probably not causing much harm!

I had a homebuyers report done - it was definitely copy pasted from another report. They put stuff in to cover their arses.

We noted a water tank which might be leaking
This should be investigated, if a longterm probably might be rot in floor joists etc, could get expensive.

Thing is, you are buying a house, the valuation is a guide but people buy houses that are not perfect. All you can do really is try to negotiate based on the report - they might tell you to get lost though!
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our report was full of this, the most useful section was the last line where it say "in the current condition the house is worth x" because that's what we reduced our offer to. The rest, there was lots of that kind of "the x requires maintenance" or "x is in (serious sounding condition)" but I called him up and asked what we should do about all these things and he said not much really, he just wanted to mention it.
The only useful bit was about the bay window, he made it clear the supports were rotting from the inside and needed reasonably urgent replacement.
You would expect these sort of reports to use a standard format check list but the answers relate to a particular property. They aren't a full structural report but you would pay extra for that.
Why not post the whole report. :rolleyes:

Ask your surveyor to cost it.

I didn't want to expose my potential address :)

I asked him but he hasn't responded, even a week later.

Thanks for all the responses
I wouldn’t respond either if someone wanted £30,000 knocking off the price because of a mouse.
I wouldn’t respond either if someone wanted £30,000 knocking off the price because of a mouse.
You've misread my response. I asked the surveyor to cost the "issues" so I could make an informed decision.

Secondly, I haven't (yet) asked the vendor for any reduction in price because I haven't got an estimate for things that I couldn't see needed doing when putting in the agreed offer.

Thirdly, as a layman I need to get information. https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/news/house-survey/rat-and-mice-infestation-231 seems to be the website of a bona fide conveyancing company, I have no reason to dispute the information there.

This is why I have come to a public forum to ask for help.
"We noted a number of rawl plugs drilled into the brickwork. The rawl plugs will need to be removed, fill the holes and make good." :LOL::LOL::LOL:
I know its only a home buyer report but I'd always give a location where possible (plaster that sounded hollow). In addition the suggestion to price it up won't be entertained by the surveyor without a fee on a home buyer report it doesn't form part of the service, you can check what's included within a home buyer report here: https://www.rics.org/globalassets/r...y-professional-statement-1st-edition-rics.pdf under extra services

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