Whats going on?

Does no such thing.

But do pat yourself on the back for taking what I said out of context. :ROFLMAO:

I will summarse for your benefit,:

Johnson can try and strike an FTA with the EU, unless he agrees to a level playing field and concessions on stuff like fishing, he will fsil.

So that leaves no deal, which wreck his plans.

There is a strong argument to suggest he will adopt a softer position on Brexit.

And no is is not a revisionist stance, I still believe being part of the EU would be far more sensible, but what I am outlining is, out of Johnsons choices.....softer brexit is less choppy.

Get over yourself. You piped in, ridiculing me with "but we haven't left yet", before following up with a whole post's worth of your own, of stuff that hasn't happened yet.
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As the mod said, Brexit In Name Only.

As it says, and also a convenient tool for remainers to claim that, despite leaving, we didn't leave, and so the losing side can claim victory anyway.
Geddit? :mrgreen:

Funny, I thought it was made up by Brexiters not happy with anything but a hard brexit!
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A Tradesman (plumbers?) should be part of this trade negoiation caper with the EU

blimey they have split the Atom , man on the moon, space probes to the outer reaches of the universe , tunnel under the channel

ect ect

And one can not come to some trade agreement with Germany and France :LOL:

ball cocks , kick all the pencil pushing , paper shuffeling dead beat beurocrats out and let the combustion chamber fellas :cool: sort it

would be done in 9 months ;)