Polite request

I can go pick up a newspaper and find topical news-worthy stories everyday also.

However, you would find it odd, even obsessive if I selected one topic in particular. Eventually you would get bored.
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I can go pick up a newspaper and find topical news-worthy stories everyday also.

However, you would find it odd, even obsessive if I selected one topic in particular. Eventually you would get bored.

Who are you accusing of being obsessive? RNR for posting page after page of meaningless lefty claptrap, that's so dull and pointless in his twisted logic that seeks to excuse ever aspect of ROP behaviour? In fact, so dull and pointless that I have him on ignore so I don't have to trawl through it. You yourself, so obsessed that you are willing to come back day and night to abuse those trying to discuss the situation? We might light the candle, but you insist on continually flying into the flame - only to get repeatedly burnt.

If we're so boring, why don't you just ignore us and start alternative threads?
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After all this recent trouble, I have at last realised that DC's sole raison d'etre is to wind people up and encourage argument. I shall certainly not fall into his trap again.

DC's sole intention is wind people up and encourage racial tension.

Why call him DC?

DropClanger. It's the only one of his many aliases that I remember, and it's conveniently quick to type.

Not that I'm trying to offend him. I used to call Whitespirit 'Turps', and I'm sure he didn't find that offensive.

Btw, I'm happy for anyone here to call me anything they want. Water off a duck's back - and I have one of those rare qualities these days, a sense of humour.
There are a minority of posters who insist upon either repeatedly posting topics on the subject or turning innocuous threads onto the subject.

It's hardly surprising that a general discussion forum section reflects the current events of the day. Lets face it, The ROP do generate a lot of news both here and elsewhere - none of it could be called positive. So people will rightly want to discuss these stories and many will be justifiably worried about how these events may impact on them and their country.
What a crock of the old proverbial!
A load of hollow rhetoric full of disgusting disingenuous pretence of only discussing topical issues without racist comments.
A futile attempt to persuade us that you're not a racist.
Explain what topical issues you were adressing in these posts:
And before you level any accusations, I'm not totally anti immigration. Immigration has to be right for us - that means immigrants in containable numbers with something to offer. People wandering around in white bedsheets and sandals or covered head to toe in black tarpaulins will never have anything to offer to a modern, technologically advanced society. That's just importing poverty and a drain on the productive parts of society.

One of the rotund, hard-faced ***** 'ladies' was on the BBC news today. To quote her word for word - 'We're not breaking the law. It's the law that's making us break the law'.

WTF. :LOL: :LOL: I'm sure there's some logic in there somewhere. With *****, it's never their fault. They're always persecuted and misunderstood.

As for clearing the site: just give me 10 minutes, a megaphone, and the keys to a challenger tank. :evil:

You're travellers. Go and travel. (Just not down to the south west though!)
Either that, or Dick Puller has had a CC/CCC dipped in molten lead. How long before the ***** spirit it away?
Pray tell, what is the pc fanatic sporting in the facial hair department this year? Dreadlock goatees making a comeback?

Also, is 'er indoors 'tache visible from under her burkah?
And there's loads more like this!
A nice little American saying I noticed this morning in relation to the News Anchor man Mr Williams who claimed he was shot down in a helicopter.
Ace of Spades HQ, a conservative blog, says Mr Williams was engaging in "an age-old reportorial practice called lying to advance an agenda".

"The agenda here was dressing up a soft, delicate little boy into a the sort of iron-stubbled man who looks like he belongs on a battlefield," Ace writes.
Vety similar to the exploitation of sensitive or topical issues used by racists to further their agenda: "lying to advance an agenda".
Very appropriate.

Incidentally, this comment concluded that article:
As it turns out, the helicopter Brian Williams was in didn't crash and burn. His professional reputation, on the other hand, may not be so lucky.
Perhaps the analogy is equally appropriate to those who exploit issues to further their agenda.
When it's obviously demonstrated that was their intention, perhaps their integrity and reputation has crashed and burned.
The most important persuasion tool you have in your entire arsenal is integrity.
Zig Ziglar

Incidentally, my apologies to those who are bored and ****ed off with the constant racially relevant posts.
BUT the racially offensive posters continue to be racially offensive.

Now by any standards, if the racially offensive comments continue (including encouragement and support) it's absolutely right and proper that objections to those racially offensive comments must be allowed to continue.

Imagine any sensible reasonable person standing in judgement:
On the one hand there are racists arguing that they should be allowed to continue posting racially offensive comments without questions or objections.
On the other hand are those that object to the racially offensive comments and argue that while the racists are allowed to continue so should those that object.

It's absolutely right and proper that objections are allowed to continue while racially offensive comments are allowed to continue.
If that leads to conflicting, boring and repetitive threads, I make no apology for that. I am sorry that you are bored and ****ed off, I'm not sorry for adopting, what I believe is a right and proper viewpoint.
9 February: "Muslim Tolerance - Not Even in Death" (2) – No apparent reason for locking. (Last poster - Whitespirit)

Correction. Last poster - RNR. There's definitely a pattern forming here. ;)

Have you two ever thought (no obviously not) that the mods may be deleting offensive posts left, right and centre, and become so fed up that they lock the thread, leaving many offensive posts deleted, all the way back to the last relatively innocuous post?

What was it that Brigadier said about seeing imaginary things, or reading into something that wasn't accurate or appopriate?
conny";p="3317243 said:
JBR";p="3315995 said:
........Btw, I'm happy for anyone here to call me anything they want. Water off a duck's back - and I have one of those rare qualities these days, a sense of humour.

So you are not really a Yorkie you are a Scouser! :LOL: ;)

In spirit. Actually, most northerners have a sense of humour in my experience. Not like those soppy southerners.

Oops, I'm going to be accused of 'southernism' now. :LOL:
Well at least you're prepared to admit it - now toughen up you southern Jessie!
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