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2 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
This thread (originally), was started by Johnmelad who also goes by the user name, Johnmelad502.

However, MOD 11 has chosen to lock the original thread.
MOD 11 states:

no point in this bickering.

thread locked

That statement from MOD 11 is not exactly devoid of some childishness itself in my opinion. And that's what it is, 'my opinion' just like it's 'your opinion' MOD 11.

The point of this post is to allow the members of the site to continue their discussion. Whether MOD 11 et al let us do that remains to be seen, I won't hold my breath! :rolleyes: Whether we 'the members' agree that the discussion is 'bickering' or indeed whether we care is, in my opinion, a totally separate matter. The discussion, like so many on here recently, was fine until MOD 11 decided to stick his ore in. Why couldn't you just make a statement that you felt the discussion was entering into bickering MOD 11? Why just lock the whole thread? I didn't see/hear ANYONE in that thread complain about ANY of the statements made to them.

Obviously I do not expect a reply from MOD 11. Many on the MODs here don't bother replying to any questions posed to them. As many of you already know, I am a MOD on various sites from IT to Training and I know only too well how difficult a job (unpaid in almost all of them), it is to 'police' a forum.
I do not profess to be any better a MOD than the next person but what I am able to do is apply a bit of common sense and respect for others to my approach to dealing with how discussions develop. I just wish more than one of the MODs here (MOD 7), could apply themselves to their roles with a bit more respect and common sense.

I feel it also worth mentioning, it took from 10.39pm Wednesday evening to 9.02am Thursday morning, for this to become a 'lockable' thread!?

Please continue where we left off... if MOD11 allows... :rolleyes:
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but what I am able to do is apply a bit of common sense and respect for others

Not something I have seen a lot of from you on this forum so far. I think MOD 11 was correct to lock the thread. You and a (very small) minority like you have done nothing but name call, make spurious allegations and generally make life difficult for others when you can't get your own way or are challenged.

If you don't like what is being said/asked use your ignore button, I would very much appreciate it if you could put me on your ignore list and keep me there unlike someone else who could not.

JML and JML 502 :LOL:
I think that MOD 11 was right to stop it Blas..

someone asks for some practice material to hone their skills on a particular subject, and in your second post you accuse them of being brain damaged,
you then accuse him of strugling to count to 10...
of being a child because he implied that you were the children for making fun of him..
from there it started to deteriorate into a personal slagging match..

if you wanna insult each other, do it over the PM's..

or start a specific thread entitled "what I think of...( name here )"
Fair enough.

If John was/is offended by anything I wrote then I apologise.
I have a large document with a couple of hundred names, I want to put the names in alphabetical order by surname, unfortunately, the names have been entered with the first name in front, IE John Jobinson etc.

I put in a new column with the following formula
=RIGHT(C6,LEN(C6)-FIND(" ",C6))
which worked OK except where there is also a middle name, it then copies across the middle and last name.

Can anyone suggest a formula to copy across the surname only?

No, can't delete the middle name as this (apart from the employee number) is the only way to easily differentiate people with the same first and second name.
Quick and dirty way would be to copy to a text file, replace the spaces with commas, and reopen in Excel as a CSV.
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