Where to buy radiators (not Screwfix it seems)?




I need to buy two rads... 1800mm X 500mm. Basic singles.

Saw exactly what I want here


But they quote 5-8 days delivery and I want to fit them this week.

Is there a chain that stocks larger rads? B&Q do not go this big.

I phoned Screwfix and had a very interesting conversation:

"Hi, Can I have the number of your Chester branch as the website does not give it..."

"Sorry Sir our stores are all ex-directory."

"I need to ask them if they have two radiators in stock..."

"You can just pop in and ask them Sir..."

"But I live out in N. Wales and it's an hour there and an hour back for me so a waste of two hours if not in stock..."

"That's just the way it is Sir..."

So... I want to spend probably £150+ on two rads, two TRV's, two valves and nobody can be bothered to answer the phone to me. I should drive for two hours to find out yes or no... amazing. It's a wonder they can be arsed to get up in the morning and open up at all.

Rant over. Any clues or do I have to order online and wait a week or three?
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Cheapie places like that are a bit like cut price airlines.. But folk don't get this. The only reason people use them is because they are cheap but to keep the prices cut down to the bone they have to concentrate on shifting volume and with no frills.. if the guys at Scewfix Chester were busy dealing with customers phone calls, then they would not be able to load the delivery vans. Ther is a national call centre for customers calls where battery people sit behind a computer and tell you "eight days sir"...You want good customer service, then goto your local plumbers merchants where the prices may be higher to allow for a more personal service..You can't have it both ways.

I have lost count at the number of times I have been stuck behind someone at the counter of my local merchant demanding only ONE toilet seat hinge 'cos the other one isn't needed..Or something similar.. Then they storm out without buying anything.. The guys time has to be paid for somewhere.

The profit on a couple of rads is pretty small.
Sounds a bit like Curry's. Bought a dishwasher one saturday.
"Should be in on Tuesday. We'll phone you to confirm its in store Sir."
Week later and no phone calls so tried ringing number on reciept. No answer. Travelled 20 odd miles back to store.
Curry's. "Oh yes. Its been here all week, waiting for you to collect."
Me. "I was told you would phone me?"
Them. "Not our policy to phone customers Sir."
Me. "Well have tried ringing number on reciept. No answer."
Them. "Short staffed Sir. Weather." (1" of snow day before.) "You should have been given the stores ex directory number to ring and confirm it was here...."

Screwfix next day delivery service? Check goods thoroughly if you use this, have heard couriers not too careful in handling fragile items...
Call your nearest Plumb Center branch. They usually carry good stock of popular sizes.

The reason you have been quoted 5-8 days is because it is Plumbs who supply them and they only get a delivery once a week from the rad suppliers, so if you miss the cut off day for ordering then you have almost 2 weeks to wait.
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Thanks all.

I do understand the no-frills approach and I certainly do not want to be one of life's whingers. It's probably one of the first times I have not been able to phone a store up so just took me aback I suppose.
If you are considering travelling to Chester anyway, you could try PTS - I have bought radiators from them and have found them helpful and their prices are good - just around the corner from Screwfix.

01244 392600 and www.ptsplumbing.co.uk
Screwfix's rads are cheap looking products and would not buy again for that reason.
Cheaper in price than S/fix, but as good as any rad I have bought from a merchants are Toolstation's rads. Would definitely recommend these over S/Fix. Until they change their supplier of course.

PTS sell Purmo rads in most sizes- you will find these comparable in quality to the Toolstation ones. Bit dearer though, but not by much.
I was very impressed with the solid rads ( Heatline ? ) supplied by Screwfix with massive brackets but they totally cocked up the delivery!

Screwfix took 17 days and that was only after two hours on the phone to a tired girl who told me my complaint was number 536 and she did not know when it was going to be looked at.

As it was required for a contract, I ordered again and that still took 11 days but got there before the first order.

Their "excuse" is the North london courier depot delivers 900 parcels a day for screwfix and they "lose" a few occasionally.

Of course I know different, rads are heavy and the drivers and staff dont want to handle them and just pretend they dont exist!

Screwfix cannot rock the boat as they rely on the courier to deliver their other 899 parcels a day.

The answer is that you are completely stuffed by Screwfix. I recommend you make a popsting on their own website explaining your dissatisfaction with their system as so many others do. If ALL their customers did that they MIGHT notice!

Screwfix next day delivery service? Check goods thoroughly if you use this, have heard couriers not too careful in handling fragile items...

Indeed, I have experienced the dodgy couriers on 3 occasions now. However, each time I have taken a photo of the damaged article(s), mailed it to Screwfix and got a reply and replacements shipped straight out to - so no quibbles there, even with something outside of their control.

Shame you can't ring ahead and check on stock, but I use Screwfix for the delivery option not the advice - if I need something urgently I go local and pay that little extra for the personal touch.

Screwfix for the delivery convenience (do your research on what you are ordering!)

I go local for the advice, personal touch and networking (get the lowdown on local traders!).

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