Why are so many pubs closing?

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You know, yes, we love to complain. I wonder if someone told the manager, or at least the waiter, that the quality of the food left the best. Personally, I didn’t) Maybe if more people said that they wanted better, then the situation would change. Ultimately, your time and money are valuable)

There are always online feedback, but reading between the lines of the feedback, it seems all were very chummy with the manager.
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They're chains.
The menus, the grub, the beer, all centrally - dictated and supplied.

There's very little the on site manager can do about it, apart from shuffle the chairs around a bit.
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Looks like a nice watering hole. Good way of testing the jukebox capability is to search for 'I'm in love with Margaret Thatcher' by The Notsensibles.

Yup, it is there


Proper boozer...

And, yeah, at some point, I will play it.

Either that or "ding dong the witch is [sill] dead"

BTW- I will play all three tacks over the next week. Thanks for the heads up.
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The old guy that owns sam smiths is a strange one he is worth a fortune but he wont sell empty pubs, at present they reckon half of their pubs are shut and one has been shut for 30 odd years. One in our town has been shut about 5 years building and land are worth a fortune
Doesn't need the money. And the property and land value only increases, as you know
why are so many pubs closing?

A = because we are all at home on our iPads talking about it :ROFLMAO:
Doesn't need the money. And the property and land value only increases, as you know
yep but 120 pubs shut out of 200 is a big financial drain on the company as opposed to the owner hence why company is struggling at present
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