Why my WAU overheated ....

I think this is the case, the hallway leads to a small utility room which has a door and a PV above it, it is just an opening about 1" wide all the way across, and then the same again but wider on the outside wall, as this one has a mesh to keep insects out. It was this one that was blocked by the tenant.

There is a second door from the hallay to the kitchen, where there is a second but much smaller PV, this one on its own may not be sufficient, so i will probably look into making this into a bigger opening to be on the safe side.

I don't really understand exactly what you are trying to say, but, regardless, vents MUST NOT have a fly screen.
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Thank you Simon, brilliant piece of information, will do as you say, very true I now have to watch anything that may be construed as harassment, however, as the safety of both the occupants and my property as well as the neighbors is of paramount concern here, therefore using gas safe regulations gives me a reasonable excuse to a certain degree to enter the premises upon a short notice and also the fact I will now have to collect her rent each month, so this will give me an excuse to pay regular visits and keep things under tab!

Yes the agent's fee will now go into my pocket and I shall no longer be harassed by him reminding of the housing acts at every corner! Like i have no clue about them, I have been renting properties for 15 years and been even managing my wife's flat before she moved in with me so I deal with her flat, choosing tenants and setting up tenancy agreements, and implementing gas safety checks and other maintenance issues, and I have never had any problem with her tenants what so ever, this is where I said before some of these ex tenants still invite me to their private functions!

Only the current tenant there has been slightly negligent and did manage to cause some issues, but he is the only bad tenant so far, he has been given a ticking off, he did not report any issues with a bath sink not draining well, i.e. very slow, so one day he left a tap slightly open and went off to work, later on it filled up to brink and started to drip downstairs, which is another flat altogether, where the downstairs tenants called the police as they thought my tenant may have collapsed, the police came and broke the front door and as well as two other bedroom doors just to make sure no one had collapsed, and then went off, leaving a note why they had to break the doors, turning the tap off as well!

This is my wife's property that I have now got to get licensed under the selective licensing scheme introduced by Newham Council, so that means even more tougher requirements from landlords and or agents, like no overcrowding, no sub-lettings, EPC certificate, gas Safety record, fire blankets in kitchen, fire extinguishers + regular service , fire alarms, Co detector, electrical safety record, picking only decent tenants, checking tenants' criminal record! and to deal with nuisance tenants, so basically landlords will now have to deal with rowdy tenants and police them instead of the council doing their job, and we now will be required to keep a track of every phone call, every bit of record! we have to do it for them, and we even have to pay them for getting this license!
and it now becomes the landlord's responsibility if the tenants are dirty and encourage bugs and mice infestation, so the landlords have to pay to get rid of them when the fact is dirty tenants introduce them!

I really really despise Newham Council, they are simply mastrubaters!

I have had absolutely no problem without this new hassle with any of my tenants there or the neighbors,
In other words, Newham Council will now require all Private Landlords to vet all tenants, check their previous criminal records as well as any financial record, or things like have they been in previous trouble, have they been causing harassment to any previous neighbors, and so on, if we don't do this then we can loose our license, but they don't say whether we can provide them housing or turn them away, so if we are to turn away any previous bad tenants, where would they go? would you be happy Simon if Newham starts cleaning their borough and throws all muck towards other boroughs!

They are bloody cheeky and clearly have discriminating policies, these policies should be challenged in a court and this law they enacted should be abolished!

To date, I have never had to vet any of my tenants, they have all turned out to be Gold! and decent, paid rent on time, broke no real rules, and never caused any nuisance or been in any trouble with the law!
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would you be happy Simon if Newham starts cleaning their borough and throws all muck towards other boroughs!
Yeah, that's what inevitably happens. I don't think licensing is likely round here, and I think most reasonable people would suggest that we already had enough laws to deal with problems. As usual, there's already laws which aren't used, so lets punish everyone because we (council/other authorities) can't be ****ed to do our jobs.

And of course in effect it's retrospective in that you can't decide to unpurchase a property when licensing is imposed. And good luck selling it, because if I were in the market, I'd consider a licensing scheme area carefully and reduce what I'd pay accordingly. Not to mention, it's bound to lower the quality of tenants in general - who want to live in an area that's now officially a problem area if you have a choice ?

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