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30 Mar 2015
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United Kingdom

I currently have a wifi router in the garage. This is plugged into a switch which then has various Ethernet points around the house. One is in a central location of the house where I intended to install a ceiling mounted access point. I don't have a PoE feature on my switch but have power source in the ceiling.

Q. What do you recommend by way of access point which provides a good signal around the house. I am using cat 6 cable. Can the router have the same SSID and password as my original SSID so that devices ca automatically connect to the one that provides the strongest signal?
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To get the devices to automatically connect to the access point with the strongest system you need a system with beam steering.

Having tried a variety of powerline adaptors, wifi signal boosters etc, i've finally found one that works.


Two discs downstairs (one connected by Ethernet to the hub) and one upstairs and i now have excellent, reliable coverage throughout my house and garden all on the same SSID
As I understand it, the allegation made against them is that they are only legal because the manufacturers exploit a loophole in the certification process; they demonstrate that the box itself doesn't emit much interference and say that the interference subsequently emitted by the unshielded mains wiring is outside their responsibility. It's not unlike the situation with diesel engines that don't exceed emissions standards in lab tests but do on the road.

This may change; OFCOM are to update the Wireless Telegraphy Act to alow them to require users of interfering devices such as these to stop using them:


Their statement points out that, for example, in the past they could take enforcement action against a fluorescent light that was causing interference but not an LED light because that wasn't specifically mentioned in the regulations! Now the rules will apply to any "apparatus" at all.

Technically, the equipment "as tested" passed the tests - allegedly. The fact that they deliberately test them in a non-standard setup (ie in a filtered socket so the signal can't get to the main cabling is just outright fraud. But where the real fault lies in with our regulatory bodies that have, apparently, put a lot of effort into coming up with justifications for why "it's not my problem" - and there have been strong suggestions that this is because the nit of OfCon that used to be the RA was afraid to upset BT, an example of regulatory capture where a large company effectively gets to call the tune at the regulator that is supposedly regulating it.

Lots, lots more over at http://www.ban-plt.org.uk

See also https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.p...te-owners-bad-powerline-network-adapters.html


Seriously, these devices are dreadful, they ought to be banned, nobody should be using them.
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