Wifi failures

27 Jan 2008
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Llanfair Caereinion, Nr Welshpool
United Kingdom
My wife complains that the Wifi keeps dropping out. Nothing reports on PC but the phones seem to complain and now I have a phone with WiFi I see what she means.

The router has no report of failure and I am not sure if it is dropping out or if something else is causing the problem.

One thing I have noticed is the two LAN hard drives behave different and the Freecom one does power down as it should but the Maxtor one never seems to power down.

All hard drives, printers and desktops connect to a switch then switch goes to router as with all four hard wired outputs the router got very hot so now only one is used.

The lights on the switch always flash and so does the lights on the router even when nothing is being done.

I wonder if the Echolife router has a problem? But old router was given away so no real way to test.

I see a TX and RX Error count with 7 and 76 after opening just one web page with phone but not sure if this is normal or something wrong.

Any guidance as to what to look for. I guess it will be a phone call to Talktalk and see if I can get them to cure it but seems until passed on we have to do all sorts of silly things like turning computer off and on. So asking what to look for first.

I have the idea in back of my head likely router but how to prove that's problem?
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try logging into your wireless routers or access points control panel (normally your gateway address) and change the frequency your wireless is using, it could just be somthing else interfering with it.

if you need more step by step instructions let me know what router or access point your using and i;ll write you some.

I agree that the first place to start is with the channel numbers.

In the EU we have 13, the USA has 11, 1,6 and 11 are non overlapping.

Use a wifi scanner to see what channels neighbours are using.


inssider from


There are many possible sources of interference but this is the best place to start
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